20SB Blog Swap: Shacking Up, a cynic’s tail

Happy blog swap day everyone! In honor of the 4th 20SB blog swap, I’ve bequethed my blog to Tremmy for the day. I officially “met” her last night and I just have to say that I already love her. Not only was she on the ball enough to clue me in to the blog swap craziness (I, obviously, am NOT on the ball), but she was so much fun to talk to as we rushed to plan our swap. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner, so without further rambling…here’s Tremmy!

Hello friends of A Super Girl! My name is Tremmy and I usually reside over at Phase: Next, a little corner of the Web, run off of a MacBook on the eastern panhandle side of West Virginia, but today 20sb has provided us with something a little different, the fourth blog swap. You can find A Super Girl here today, but I do hope you’ll stick around and hear what I have to say. This is my first time blog-swappin’ – but I think the folks over at 20sb really hooked me up – I’m completely in love with Super Girl’s blog already.

Like the good procrastinator I am, I realized the blog swap was happening the night before it did, so I’m writing this to make sure it arrives safely in Super Girl’s inbox for the morning. She thought it might be fun to have a similar theme, and it’s actually strangely appropriate that she chose – Shacking Up. Enjoy.

I don’t write about the boyfriend much. If I do it’s only in passing. He isn’t too down with the whole social networking Web site thing, and the first time he read my blog he was sad I didn’t mention him. I then mentioned him, and he said he hadn’t done much reading of Phase: Next recently. So, this, is rare.

I’ve been exposed to a lot of friends who have decided to take their relationships to the next level, recently. Be it shacking up, putting rings on it (thank you so much, Beyonce), or completely tying the knot, my friends are definitely not exhibiting the common signs of a commitment-phobe. My relationship is only a bit over a year, so I’m only a blip on the radar of my friends’ relationships, but one can’t help but assess, and sometimes worry, about the situation at hand when all of this love starts becoming more intense.

Instead of living the day by day browsing wedding dress Web sites (Say Yes to the Dress doesn’t count, right?) and wanting some bling to match my friends, I’ve been trying to focus on why the boyfriend and I totally aren’t ready (though it doesn’t change how much I love him at all) to take that scary step into infinity. And so…a bulleted list stating why my kitten and I will not be joined permanently by the boyfriend anytime soon.

  • Sleep – he doesn’t sleep here often. He needs a fan while I need noise a little bit of light. I’m a heavy sleeper to sound and light, and when he is here he tosses and turns. I could never sleep in an area on a fault line, one false move, and I’m up for the day. 
  • Food. The reason that needs no explanation. It goes along with sleep, but an insomniac graduate student and a full-time assistant manager. Right…you do the math.
  • Collecting $7 for our joint Netflix account is difficult most months, we won’t get into the pesky ordeal of rent and help with household needs.
  • Personal space. I’m just not ready to give it up.

And there you have it – hope for the rest of us out there who can admit we’re not ready to take that leap.
I wish my new bloggy friend A Super Girl well in her shacking up endeavors, though, and you all should, too!



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3 responses to “20SB Blog Swap: Shacking Up, a cynic’s tail

  1. “Personal space. I’m just not ready to give it up.”

    Ain’t nothing wrong with that! You definitely need to wait til you’re ready… or it will be a disaster with a capital “D”. 🙂

  2. mine snores… that’s my only beef! cuz without him, i’d be poorer and have less nice stuff 🙂

  3. I completely agree with everything you said. I didn’t realize how much I took my own space for granted until I didn’t have it anymore! In relationships letting things happen naturally is always the best way to go!

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