Only a month late

Well, this takes procrastinating to a new level.

Here I’ve been, complaining (mostly) to myself about not having any blog material, when there were questions waiting to be answered! You see, in honor of my anniversary, I appealed for questions from you.

A couple of you sent some my way, so here I am, a month later, providing the answers. I know, you probably don’t even remember what you asked. That’s what archives are for!

Ria asked: If you got laid off would you consider leaving Michigan? If so, where would you want to go and if not, why?
When I was spending the first three months of 2009 fretting about my job, this thought constantly went through my mind. It’s no secret that I’m in love with Washington D.C. Except, I lived there for a few months in college and felt so homesick that I’m afraid to move back for fear of the same fate. Also, I know how difficult it is for me to put myself out there and meet new people, so it’s probably best I stick close to home where I have connections already.

But now that I’m dating DD, I’ve gotten him on the D.C. bandwagon. I took him there last year for the first time, and he too fell in love. Every once in awhile, we throw out the crazy idea of moving there one day. It seems so many bloggers I read live in the D.C. area which makes me hopeful that I’d have a somewhat easier time forming friendships. After all, Internet friendships still count! And having DD there would of course be a homesickness deterrent.

Knowing all of this while going through layoffs this year, I made it clear to family and friends that if I lost my job, I would actively look outside of Michigan. After all, jobs are drying up ’round these parts. But, if it had come to fruition, I don’t know if I would have done it. I’ve got family here, roots here, and though DD and I have talked about it, it would have been difficult to move seamlessly.

So, who knows? I love all that Detroit and Michigan have to offer, but God do I love D.C., too.

Nilsa asked: Let’s say one day you achieve internet stardom. What would you do with yourself – leave the blog as is? Take it in a new direction? Pay for a new layout? Do tell!
In my bloggy bday post I mentioned that I had high hopes of becoming Internet famous when I started this blog. Didn’t so much work out that way.

If I did become famous? I think I’d leave the blog the way it is. Maybe pay for a new layout or self-host, but honestly? I’d have to become Dooce famous to do that because I don’t have those skillz nor do I have the time for it. Which probably explains why I’m NOT Internet famous. And that’s OK. I’ve realized I don’t want to make the Internet my life, and I’d have to do that to be famous on it. But I’m still having fun along the way and reading some great writers, so that’s all that matters.



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5 responses to “Only a month late

  1. So long as it’s not your period that’s one month late, we’re all good. Hahaha.

    Very few bloggers achieve internet stardom the way Dooce has. Because if they did, I sure to hell hope all the networks would ask to interview them instead of her. (Can you tell I’m not a fan?!)

  2. I think you should go for DC. I love it here!!

  3. magda

    Making friends in a new place is really, really hard–harder than it seems. I moved here (to DC) right after school, and the academic setting is so different than that of work. I hear you on struggling to put yourself out there! It took me longer than I thought to find “real” friends–friends I can call and e-mail with anything, who’ll go grab a drink when I’m having a sucky Wednesday or whatever. It’s kind of like most things, though; if you don’t force it, it happens more easily.

    And hey, if you end up in DC, we’ll totally hang out 🙂

  4. Internet friends DEFINITELY count… we’d LOVE to have you!!!


  5. ria

    DC seems pretty cool! I did miss the Michigan seasons when I moved to Fl…shh dont’ tell anyone i said that 😉

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