The Red Wings, Hope, and a Shameless Plug

So apparently there’s this thing going on called the Stanley Cup Playoffs. And apparently my hometown team is in them.

You’d never think I knew that given that I fell asleep during last night’s nail biter. Good news is my nails are still in tact.

While I haven’t been watching much of the playoffs, I have noticed the ads. The NBC ads, to be specific. And you know what? I’m about sick of the whole “Detroit’s putting all it’s hope in a hockey team” crap. Sure we’re down. Sure there’s almost more people out of work then there are in work. But you know what? All of our hopes are not in the Red Wings’ hockey net.

Sure they’re great, and playoffs are always fun to get behind — when you’re not napping of course. But we’ve got lots to be hopeful about here in the Not-So-Motor-City. There’s the prospect of another beautiful summer. There’s a whole other sports team — the Tigers — gearing up for a season of great times at Comerica Park. There’s the summer festivals and patio happy hours.

Things might be ugly right now, but there’s no reason to get all hopeless. In fact, it seems that every person I know who is unemployed has a better attitude about life than I do. I don’t know how they do it, because I know my glass-half-empty demeanor would be all over the pity party if I was out of work. But the fact that many people aren’t is a testament to our ability to look at the positive, which is more than some silver cup.

OK, off the soap box.

All venting aside, there is an exciting Game 7 ahead of us. And just in time for one last rally, I found a new online T-shirt shop selling Detroit wares.

OK, in all honesty, it’s my friend’s online T-shirt shop, and he told me to plug it, so I am. But I wouldn’t be plugging something I didn’t like, and when I checked out the shop, they had stuff I like. So here I am. Plugging away.

Detroit Thread Works has a great selection of Detroit tees, but what caught my eye were the hockey-themed designs. Like this one, that shows a decapitated Penguin. Menacing, yet cute. Just how I like my sports shirts.

So if you’re in the mood, head on over and check ’em out. And please stop thinking we have nothing better to hope for than the outcome of a hockey game. Win or lose, hope will still be alive on Saturday.



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3 responses to “The Red Wings, Hope, and a Shameless Plug

  1. ria

    i have to admit if we lose on friday i might throw something. i really hate sidney crosby and the thought of him hoisting the cup in the Joe makes me want to puke.

    on a better note, totally love that shirt and will be browsing the rest of the site đŸ™‚

  2. Yeah, I think it’s really stupid when the media places all this weight on a sports team rallying for the city. I got so sick of listening to the media do the exact same thing when Michigan State played UNC in the championship game in Detroit. OK, we get it. The city is down. The state is down. But, it’s almost like saying “only in Michigan does the economy sucketh” … please, we’ve got a whole nation suffering. And whether a sports team wins or loses will not bring this recession to a close. That’s for sure.

  3. Cog

    I’m glad somebody’s finally standing up for Detroit… Plus, that octopus with playoff whiskers is totally hilarious.

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