No place like home

Just a quick update as life is moving at warp speed these days…

I’m in my new place and loving it! It’s funny, here I am sitting at work, just anxious to get home so I can luxuriate in the fabulousness that is…my kitchen…my big open living room…the central air…the walkability…the proximity to DD…the etc etc. It’s been a long while since I’ve been so excited about my home.

All the boxes are unpacked and everything is set up. All that’s needed is some pictures on the walls and some rugs on the floor. Though those last details will probably take weeks, if not months, to get done. I’m just happy I’m here and no longer ashamed to show off my home.

This must be what being an adult feels like.

There is one major missing component; my Internet, which is coming on Friday. So until then, posting will be limited (what else is new) and the gReader will just have to wait.

Pictures will come at some point, probably when I get Internet, or just get sick of sitting around luxuriating. Or when I come up for air from making out with DD. We live so freaking close we can see each other every! single! day!

Though that, too, will probably get old sometime soon. Ah well, the world has to come crashing back to normal at some point.



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8 responses to “No place like home

  1. congrats on the move – can’t wait to see pictures!

  2. I just found your blog via SillyGrrl. Nice spot! I’m a Metro Detroit blogger.

  3. Aww I’m so glad you like your new place! Being excited to go home is a key thing.

  4. Woo! Makeout action!

  5. reederscorner

    Glad to hear that everything is pretty much underway! I hope my move goes as smoothly!

  6. There’s nothing quite like that feeling of settling in to your very own place. Congratulations! And while the whole no interent thing is daunting, it’s short-lived … enjoy it. I don’t know what it is, but I always find a certain kind of calm in enforced unconnectivity : )

  7. ria

    can’t wait for pictures!

  8. You deserve to be as happy as you sound. Can’t wait to see pictures so I can share in that happiness!

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