Loft Style Living

The title is a phrase that was rather prominent in the last chick-lit book I read. And with my recent move to one of these dwellings, I can’t seem to get it out of my head.


My cozy bedroom, complete with new duvet. $60 on thankyouverymuch. Still need some artwork in here…have been planning on doing some zen-like theme.


My kitchen with an immense amount of counter space. And full size appliances — which are a luxury compared to the last place. As is the dishwasher.


The main space. Stained cement, exposed ducts, high ceilings, and track lighting. It’s a very adult space where my stuff just doesn’t seem to fit in. But I’m making it work šŸ™‚


My very own washer and dryer. Though it takes three times as long to do laundry (they’re super tiny). Also, I just realized that the water temp. dial is all jacked up and I nearly washed my delicates on Hot and definitely washed my towels on Cold. Not. Cool.


And finally, the audience participation portion of the program. This photo shows my living “room”, with my fabulous red sofa and old, but loved, papasan. I still need to get another chair, but am not sure what I want. I also desperately need a rug for this area. However, I’m at a bit of a loss. I’ve got a brown/orange floor and a deep red couch. What should I do for a rug?! I’m thinking neutral, but have no idea on print or anything like that. If you have ideas, they’re appreciated!!!



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11 responses to “Loft Style Living

  1. Love your new loft. Reminds me a lot of my old condo! You could do a neutral rug with a cool texture (shag!?) or what about a rug with earth tones … reds, oranges, browns and greens. Your furniture and floors will merely pull the colors out of the rug!

  2. Um. Want a roommate?

    I always go for neutrals on things like rugs and upholstery just because I love to change the color on my walls. Much cheaper to buy paint than a nice rug. I got the oatmeal color shag rug from Target and it’s been great for 4 years so far!

  3. I LOVE it!!! Sigh. We’re trying to move right now… it sure ain’t going to look nothing like that. DC life…

  4. i would go with a black rug. shaggy long fibers. it’d look nice against the floors and the red couch and bring them together.

    nice apartment!! its cute ā¤

  5. Wow everything looks great. Loving the new duvet cover. LOVE IT.

  6. A Super Girl

    Nilsa — Shag sounds perfect. Though I’m thinking that for the bedroom. Two shags?

    Rebekah — Only if you want to share a 10×11 room with me šŸ˜‰

    Cog — Excellent suggestion! Didn’t see that when I did an Overstock search.

    LiLu — Yes, but at least DC life has actual people in its city. Come 5 p.m., ain’t no one out walkin’ but the bums in my ‘hood. Trade offs šŸ˜‰

    Blaez — Hadn’t thought of black! Thanks!!

    Jessica — I wasn’t sure about the color of the duvet, but I, too, love it!

  7. reederscorner

    You have a great place – very roomy!

  8. Awesome space!

    I’d probably go with something neutral also. Maybe something with a leaf pattern or something that reminds you of a zen-like state.

  9. ria

    wow nice! looks like you are all moved in. love your new space šŸ™‚

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