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I seem to be seriously lacking in the motivation category lately. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Exercise. I’ve at least had some form of exercise in the past couple weeks, but not with any sort of routine or regularity.

Eating. I have been eating, but again, not in any meaningful way with, you know, nutrition, in mind.

Cleaning. Seriously, I’ve got laundry piled up from weeks ago and my place needs a general overhaul. Yet what did I do on Friday night when I was actually home for a change? Absolutely nothing.

Seducing. It has been, shall we say, weeks since I got laid. Now, don’t get me wrong, DD and I aren’t daily people anyway, but weeks? Weeks is a new low. I know it’s an issue, and in some ways, the dry spell is blamed on some health issues I was (and still am) having. But in other ways, it’s just a dry spell that neither of us seem quick to fix. Bless his heart, he doesn’t seem to be running for the hills. But, with each passing day, all the sex we’re not having becomes more and more apparent to me. I want to fix this in theory, but seem unmotivated to do so in reality. And I think DD is playing off of my general apathy, making us a VERY unmotivated couple.

I’m not really sure what to attribute this overall lack of motivation to. Perhaps the lack of sexy time is affecting the rest of my game. Perhaps the constant go-go-go of this summer has finally worn me down and I need a few weeks of nothing (and I apparently mean nothing) to recover.

I have a feeling it’s a combination of the two. Every once in awhile, DD and I go through these dry spells (though never this long, GOOD GOD). It’s like we both get comfortable and focused on other things and “it” simply gets forgotten. Then at some point, one of us (usually me) takes the bull by the horns and forces the issue, and just like that we’re over the hump, so to speak.

Then there’s the go-go-go. Since I moved, it’s been non-stop. So much so that I still haven’t had the chance to find my new routine in my new home. Between the work life and the social life, everything else is falling by the wayside.

I think I finally realized how much this summer has taken its toll on me when I came home on Friday, without any plans for the first time since I can remember, and promptly fell asleep. And then woke up and remained on my couch, unable to move, for the rest of the evening.

My body doesn’t do well without rest. I know so many people who can constantly go and somehow stay abuzz. They’re the true social butterflies. Me? I can do it for only so long before my body says enough. Usually that enough is coupled with a cold, which I’m currently fighting, and an excessive need to rest to make up for all the rest I haven’t been getting.

I think I’m finally past most of the go-go-go of the summer. The temps are dropping and I can smell fall in the air. While it’s been a great summer, I’m looking forward to a new season and a chance to hit refresh.



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Just because I can

Stolen from Just a Titch. You know, because I can. And because it’s Monday and I can’t be expected to come up with anything resembling interesting.

Outside my window…
Is the schmancy Detroit YMCA. I bet you never thought a Y could be schmancy, but it is in Detroit. Amazing, I know.

Also outside my window is a view of Detroit’s very own mass transit, the Detroit People Mover. Which goes in a 1 mile loop around the downtown area and is really only good for hauling suburbanites who only come downtown for Red Wings games and are too scared to walk the four blocks from the restaurant district to the arena.

But I digress…

I am thinking…
About how behind I am at work. And about how I should be working tonight instead of spending time with DD, but I just don’t wanna.

I am thankful for…

My job. DD. My health. My parents. My life.

From the kitchen…
It was a Kraft Mac & Cheese night. Because while Mondays don’t allow for good blog posts, they also don’t allow for cooking.

I am wearing…
Pajamas. Because that’s pretty much what I wear every night after work.

I am creating…
This. Obvi.

I am going…
To watch Sopranos tonight.

I am reading…
Eat, Pray, Love. Yes, it took me this long to get to it, and yes it’s great.

I am praying…

For friends.

I am hearing…
Nothing. Seriously, no TV, no iPod, no nothing tonight. This is what happens when you get home, make mac & cheese, and immediately get back on the computer to get more work done.

Around the house…
There are piles of laundry that need doing. A bathroom that needs cleaning. And errands for housewares and groceries that sorely need running.

One of my favorite things…
Is my new carpet from Ikea. Because it’s shag. And kind of fabulous.

A few plans for the rest of the week…
Pedicure tomorrow. Hopefully yoga on Thursday. Actually staying in town this weekend (a first in nearly 3 weeks!)


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The things I do to be liked

I’ve noticed a couple bloggers discuss how they’ve adopted the Summer of Yes. Wish I could think of who they were and provide subsequent links, but alas, I can’t. Just know it’s not my unique thought — yet it’s something I’ve taken up as well.

I’ve mentioned before that friendships are an area I’m sorely lacking in these days. And so, when summer began I told myself that I’d start putting myself out there more.

What has that entailed? Let’s take a look, shall we?

Taking up spinning. Some of my fellow downtown ladies take a weekly spinning class. I swore I would NEVER do it. Those spinners are hard core and I’m much more comfortable in a nice, soothing yoga class. But, I’d like to get to know these girls better, and so I said ‘yes’ when they asked. What’s a little ass uncomfort in the quest for new friends?

New book club. It was a recommendation from the girl who runs my current book club — which is full of retirees. So, having only met this girl about 4 times in my life, I took her up on her offer and showed up to the book club she recommended. I walked into a restaurant and was faced with approximately 12 people I’d never met before. Walking into a situation like that was a HUGE step for me, but after one round of it, I’m looking forward to our next meeting.

Travel, travel, travel. DD’s female friends have planned several trips and activities this summer and I’ve said ‘yes’ to every. single. one. I’ve always been hesitant to get close to them — after all, who knows where DD and I will land and I’ve been through the whole break up with the boy, break up with his friends routine. But we seem pretty stable, and I think it’s time to start seeing these girls as MY friends, too.

Blogger meet-ups. Walking into a room full of strangers is definitely NOT my idea of a good time. But I said ‘yes’ and ended up adding a heap o’ fun to my Boston vacay.

The downside of all this saying yes is that I’m utterly exhausted. I’ve got something every weekend through September. Which is good, but I also know that when I extend myself too much, I end up getting sick and being completely sidelined. I can feel it creeping up on me right now, and there’s a long way to go before I can hibernate for the winter.

But, if I’m ever going to develop new friendships, I’ve got to keep putting myself out there whenever possible. Hopefully my immune system can take it.


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What’s in my…

There was going to be a much more meaningful post. Instead, there’s this. Which, to be honest, has taken as much time to do as it would have taken to put the thought into a meaningful post.

In related news, I REALLY need a new laptop.

So, I know you’re dying to know: what’s in my pantry?

(cue exciting guitar solo)

The pantry of sustenance...or carbs

Let’s start with top shelf — which actually isn’t pictured. It just has a bunch of dish towels and boxes of Ziplocs in varying sizes. Nothing worthy of photographing (because the other two shelves SO ARE.)

Next up the top shelf, as shown in the photo (from left):

  • Breadcrumbs. Sometimes I need to find my way back home.
  • Olives. I rarely use them, and yet I must ALWAYS have them, just in case.
  • Almonds and Cashews. For the good kind of fat. There’s a good kind of fat, you ask? Oh yes, there is.
  • Condiments, which I never use. These include ketchup, mayo, and peanut butter.
  • Pita bread. Because a day without pita and hummus is a day without garlic breath (and I love garlic breath).
  • Rice and some more nuts (hidden behind the pita). these nuts are of the exotic, used-for-cooking variety, and therefore warrant their own area.
  • Salt and chai tea — which is many years old and should probably just be trashed.
  • Boxes and boxes of herbal tea. Apparently I have an obsession. Or at least I pretend to. I went from drinking a cup of tea a day to drinking maybe 10 a year. Yet I still buy the stuff.
  • Hot chocolate. Because when tea fails me, hot chocolate will also do the trick. It’s one of the few things I love about winter, though I’m one of those strange people that drinks it all year round.

Bottom shelf (from left):

  • My personal ode to carbs. There are plenty of boxes of spaghetti and macaroni for all my carb-addictive needs. To my credit, I’ve at least switched to whole grain pasta so when I eat it 5 days a week I don’t feel AS bad.
  • Cereal. Two boxes of it in fact. Because apparently I have a fear of running out of cereal (though I rarely eat that, too).
  • Kashi granola bars. The hard kind, not the chewy kind. This is my typical breakfast.
  • Tortilla chips. Because I’m cheap, they’re the generic brand. I wish they were the good (but pricey) local brand.
  • A multi-pack of snack size chips. Bought for a road trip, but I’ve somehow inherited them.

Things noticeably absent:

  • Dessert. In fact, dessert is noticeably absent from my entire kitchen. Because I’ll eat it all. It takes me approximately 3 days to eat an entire box of Oreos. This is why I’m not allowed to have anything resembling chocolate in my home. The hot cocoa packets are dangerous enough.

Doing the inventory, I realize it may be time to do some grocery shopping. Anything missing that you think I should pick up?


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Baseball, bloggers, and whales oh my!

I just spent the last two hours uploading photos from Boston to Facebook and unfortunately, I used up all my snark on that, so you’re stuck with bullets!

  • Fenway was fabulous.
  • “Quality Time” with DD abounded. And I don’t just mean the cute and cuddly let me lay my head on your arm whilst we watch TV quality time, you know. And when you don’t get all that much of the good kind of quality time under normal circumstances, it was a good thing.
  • I met strangers from the Internet. And it was awesome. And to top it all off, DD didn’t totally think my secret blogging world was lame and tell me I was one of those crazy Internet people and he could no longer date me. In fact, he formed his own little bromance with Jill Pilgrim’s hubby and they, along with the other significant others who were dragged along, had a nice little convo in the corner while us bloggers took over the entire back of the bar.
  • DD got quite the education on one of my favorite childrens books, Make Way for Ducklings as we spent the weekend in search of the statue erected in the book’s honor. And when we found it, you better believe I trampled over small children and Asian tourists alike, to get my photo taken with those ducks.
  • We saw whales. We also saw the true human spirit as whale watching tourists with fanny packs and high powered cameras elbowed one another out of the way to get glimpses of the magical beings. I? Was one of the elbowing tourists (minus the fanny pack and good camera) while DD sat back and watched the show.
  • DD and I learned more about each other. Sounds all cute and cuddly (much like that quality time I referenced above), right? And it was. This morning our flight left at 6 a.m. We were up at 3:30 a.m. I? Am not a morning person. In the two years we’ve been dating, DD has had plenty of schooling on this fact. Until today, when he thought it would be funny to sing a song to help wake me up. He’s lucky he didn’t lose his left ball with that brainy idea. Totally a cute and cuddly moment, I’d say.

And that brings me to now. After all that — and more — activity, I’m really quite tired. But no rest for the weary: there’s work tomorrow and Chicago this weekend!


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Awkward turtles OR meeting strangers from the Internet

It’s been three weeks since I dusted this place off, and let me tell you, that’s been on my mind.

Just yesterday I was thinking about shutting it down completely. These days, my life is actually IRL. Amazing, huh?! And as much as I love reading blogs and updating Twitter, I just haven’t had the time for either. And there was a pretty big part of me that was OK with that.

Until today, when I randomly decided to log in to the gReader for a mini-break at work, and read about a blogger meet-up in Boston, courtesy of the lovely LiLu.

It just so happens I’ll be in town, so with trepidation I added my name to the list. Before I knew it I was thrust into the Boston blogger world — finding tons of new blogs and getting excited about meeting people I’ve been reading for months.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still somewhat terrified. After all, meeting strangers from the Internet is kind of daunting, especially when they’re cool chicks like LiLu and Brookem.

But then I realized that cool people can’t be daunting (it’s a scientifically proven fact), and besides, there’s so much to talk about with all these strangers from the Internetz:

Yoga with Hannah, Just Breathe!

Communications day jobs with Susan!

Mad Men with Julie Q! (Heck, maybe she can remind me how last season even ended?!)

Wisdom teeth with Emrlds (I toooootally should get them taken out)

Who Would Jesus Do? with Jill

Hearing about Ben Affleck from Julie …because her bf, like, MET him and I’m officially in awe.

Being uncoordinated with Hope.

All of that being said, I realized my blog is sorely lacking in personal content. So, for anyone who’s about to meet me (and the even more illusive DD) IRL, or anyone who might someday, here are a few things you should know:

  • I’m socially awkward. Not in a creepy way, but in a “holy shit I have to talk to people?!” way.  So if I’m all awkward turtle at first, don’t worry, I’ll get over it.
  • DD is NOT socially awkward. The man could talk to a wall and it would most likely talk back. He’s an excellent wingman.
  • DD is obsessed with baseball and baseball parks. We’re seeing the Tigers v. Red Sox while in town, which means he’s seeing Fenway for the first time. Expect a lively baseball debate with whomever will listen. And most likely a weeping homage to the greatness that is Fenway.
  • I’m not a shot-caller. No, seriously…shots and I? Do not get along. I’m physically unable to swallow all that junk at once (TWSS). So I swear I’m not lame (mostly), my delicate system just can’t handle the booze. DD on the other hand, CAN do it. And he’s known for being a shot caller.
  • DD is not hip to the blogosphere. Sure he knows I have one, but I refuse to let him read it. I also have a strong suspicion he thinks the whole blogging thing is kind of lame. Don’t worry, I love him anyway.
  • I’m pretty laid back and go with the flow. I won’t be the loudest one in the room, but I’ll be laughing with the loudest one.

If you’re still not satisfied, you can check out my never-quite-completed 101 Things.

See you all in Beantown, and thanks for bringing me out of my blogging hiatus!


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