What’s in my…

There was going to be a much more meaningful post. Instead, there’s this. Which, to be honest, has taken as much time to do as it would have taken to put the thought into a meaningful post.

In related news, I REALLY need a new laptop.

So, I know you’re dying to know: what’s in my pantry?

(cue exciting guitar solo)

The pantry of sustenance...or carbs

Let’s start with top shelf — which actually isn’t pictured. It just has a bunch of dish towels and boxes of Ziplocs in varying sizes. Nothing worthy of photographing (because the other two shelves SO ARE.)

Next up the top shelf, as shown in the photo (from left):

  • Breadcrumbs. Sometimes I need to find my way back home.
  • Olives. I rarely use them, and yet I must ALWAYS have them, just in case.
  • Almonds and Cashews. For the good kind of fat. There’s a good kind of fat, you ask? Oh yes, there is.
  • Condiments, which I never use. These include ketchup, mayo, and peanut butter.
  • Pita bread. Because a day without pita and hummus is a day without garlic breath (and I love garlic breath).
  • Rice and some more nuts (hidden behind the pita). these nuts are of the exotic, used-for-cooking variety, and therefore warrant their own area.
  • Salt and chai tea — which is many years old and should probably just be trashed.
  • Boxes and boxes of herbal tea. Apparently I have an obsession. Or at least I pretend to. I went from drinking a cup of tea a day to drinking maybe 10 a year. Yet I still buy the stuff.
  • Hot chocolate. Because when tea fails me, hot chocolate will also do the trick. It’s one of the few things I love about winter, though I’m one of those strange people that drinks it all year round.

Bottom shelf (from left):

  • My personal ode to carbs. There are plenty of boxes of spaghetti and macaroni for all my carb-addictive needs. To my credit, I’ve at least switched to whole grain pasta so when I eat it 5 days a week I don’t feel AS bad.
  • Cereal. Two boxes of it in fact. Because apparently I have a fear of running out of cereal (though I rarely eat that, too).
  • Kashi granola bars. The hard kind, not the chewy kind. This is my typical breakfast.
  • Tortilla chips. Because I’m cheap, they’re the generic brand. I wish they were the good (but pricey) local brand.
  • A multi-pack of snack size chips. Bought for a road trip, but I’ve somehow inherited them.

Things noticeably absent:

  • Dessert. In fact, dessert is noticeably absent from my entire kitchen. Because I’ll eat it all. It takes me approximately 3 days to eat an entire box of Oreos. This is why I’m not allowed to have anything resembling chocolate in my home. The hot cocoa packets are dangerous enough.

Doing the inventory, I realize it may be time to do some grocery shopping. Anything missing that you think I should pick up?



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10 responses to “What’s in my…

  1. magda

    Oh I’m SO all over the kashi granola bar breakfast. I don’t have a pantry per se … just cupboards … but we seem to have a lot in common. If you were me, you’d be missing (a) mac and cheese; (b) canned things, like corn and tomatoes and beans; brownie mix. Though that might kill your “no desserts” thing. Oh how I admire your will-power : )

  2. Amy

    How do you NOT use condiments?! They’re basically my reason for living!

  3. Yours looks a lot like mine! lol!

  4. ria

    i’d die without chocolate. die. seriously šŸ˜‰

  5. fun! i started this just with my purse! i need to finally post it!

  6. Yay for hot chocolate! I want some now.

  7. Haha, I’m exactly the same about dessert! Chips and crackers too. I will just sit there and mindlessly eat them until they’re gone. And then I’m fat! And sad!

  8. reederscorner

    I love your comment about the bread crumbs! LOL

  9. Wow that looks a lot like my pantry too. I need random granola bars in there too though.

  10. I have tons of tea that I promise myself I’ll drink and I never do…

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