I seem to be seriously lacking in the motivation category lately. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Exercise. I’ve at least had some form of exercise in the past couple weeks, but not with any sort of routine or regularity.

Eating. I have been eating, but again, not in any meaningful way with, you know, nutrition, in mind.

Cleaning. Seriously, I’ve got laundry piled up from weeks ago and my place needs a general overhaul. Yet what did I do on Friday night when I was actually home for a change? Absolutely nothing.

Seducing. It has been, shall we say, weeks since I got laid. Now, don’t get me wrong, DD and I aren’t daily people anyway, but weeks? Weeks is a new low. I know it’s an issue, and in some ways, the dry spell is blamed on some health issues I was (and still am) having. But in other ways, it’s just a dry spell that neither of us seem quick to fix. Bless his heart, he doesn’t seem to be running for the hills. But, with each passing day, all the sex we’re not having becomes more and more apparent to me. I want to fix this in theory, but seem unmotivated to do so in reality. And I think DD is playing off of my general apathy, making us a VERY unmotivated couple.

I’m not really sure what to attribute this overall lack of motivation to. Perhaps the lack of sexy time is affecting the rest of my game. Perhaps the constant go-go-go of this summer has finally worn me down and I need a few weeks of nothing (and I apparently mean nothing) to recover.

I have a feeling it’s a combination of the two. Every once in awhile, DD and I go through these dry spells (though never this long, GOOD GOD). It’s like we both get comfortable and focused on other things and “it” simply gets forgotten. Then at some point, one of us (usually me) takes the bull by the horns and forces the issue, and just like that we’re over the hump, so to speak.

Then there’s the go-go-go. Since I moved, it’s been non-stop. So much so that I still haven’t had the chance to find my new routine in my new home. Between the work life and the social life, everything else is falling by the wayside.

I think I finally realized how much this summer has taken its toll on me when I came home on Friday, without any plans for the first time since I can remember, and promptly fell asleep. And then woke up and remained on my couch, unable to move, for the rest of the evening.

My body doesn’t do well without rest. I know so many people who can constantly go and somehow stay abuzz. They’re the true social butterflies. Me? I can do it for only so long before my body says enough. Usually that enough is coupled with a cold, which I’m currently fighting, and an excessive need to rest to make up for all the rest I haven’t been getting.

I think I’m finally past most of the go-go-go of the summer. The temps are dropping and I can smell fall in the air. While it’s been a great summer, I’m looking forward to a new season and a chance to hit refresh.



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7 responses to “Unmotivated

  1. Here’s the thing about motivation. When I look at that list of things you’d like to improve, I get overwhelmed. And to focus on all of them means I’d do none of them very well. Why not pick one and focus on that for a week or a month. And then, once you’ve got your grip on it, add in another. One by one. Slowly. And in a few months you’ll be in a much better state.

    BTW, everyone goes through dry spells. Don’t dwell on what is past; just keep pushing forward until you find your happy place again.

    Excellent advice! Hmmm, which to pick first??

  2. seriously i’ve been so unmotivated lately too, even though i need to, with a dress to fit into in a month! ah!

    Don’t worry! It’ll totally fit 🙂 …though I’ve learned the thing with bridesmaid dresses is that you can’t really eat at the wedding…

  3. Don’t worry about the dry spell or lack of motivation. It’s just that time of year with fall coming up and summer almost officially ending. It’ll all balance out.

    God I hope so! I am kind of excited for a new season; which is weird considering I used to just love summer!

  4. I’m exactly like you are when it comes to being social. There comes a time when my body gets tired and I have to throw in the towel. It gets me pretty down at times, but you know, there’s always new opportunities arising. Don’t get down just yet!

  5. Ohhh, I know these feelings. Of going, going, going, and then suddenly collapsing and looking around at the wreckage and realizing you have zero motivation to address any of it because you are WIPED.

    Nothing refreshes me quite like a yoga class! But you knew I was going to say that, didn’t you? 🙂

  6. maybe it’s just an end of the summer slump? i know that happens to me sometimes, when all the go-go-go stuff winds down. i just want time to do NOTHING. and that’s okay, yanno?

    and re: the sexytime– i just actually twittered about people’s ideal average of sexytime per week. go figure.

    im sure you’ll get back into your regular groove soon:)

    My ideal average is weird. There’s the what-I-wish-I-had and the what-I’m-actually-in-the-mood-to-have. And they’re very different numbers, let me tell you!

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