Her name is Stella

I’m in an insanely great mood. Which, for me, is really quite unheard of so I’m milking it for all it’s worth.

So, what’s the root of this great mood?

My new blackberry.

Sometimes, life really is that simple.

See, when my office moved a few months back, I lost an assigned desk and gained a laptop and the freedom to work wherever I please each day. Except, “wherever I please” was not always near a telephone. Which made it difficult to do my job. On the days I wasn’t working near a phone, I had to use my personal cell phone to make work-related calls or check my work voice mail.


It’s also annoying to get work calls on your personal phone while you’re, you know, ON VACATION. Yes, I’m just that important. And sadly, my colleagues had no other way of getting in touch with me since I also lacked e-mail access on vacation.

So after months of begging and pleading, I finally got the office to issue me a blackberry. (Really, they just switched to a better carrier and were able to get more of them. I’m not that special. No matter what I try to tell you.)

So now I don’t have to use my own minutes! I can check my e-mail everywhere! I can read blogs all the time!

My whole world has changed. Truly.

The funny thing is that I don’t even care that this now means I’m supposed to be “always available” to my colleagues. The pros of my new gadget far outweigh the cons. Besides, there’s always the “off” button.

Now if you’ll excuse me, Stella and I are going to frolick in the afternoon sunlight.



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9 responses to “Her name is Stella

  1. aww, you named her stella! how sassy!

    Yeah, I have no idea where it came from. Just came to me as I was walking in to work yesterday. But it’s quite fitting 🙂

  2. yay!! i love my blackberry too! life changing!

    It really is!

  3. Work just gave me my blackberry yesterday as well. I’m not taking well to it. How do you text on this thing? I don’t like being this connected. Not one bit.

    Don’t worry…there is an off button. As for texting, I have no clue either 🙂

  4. reederscorner

    I love that you named her! 🙂 I’m so jealous… I really want one!

    It’s such a fitting name, too. She’s quite sassy

  5. “I’m in an insanely great mood.”

    May I have some of this?

    Sure…sending it across state lines this very minute!

  6. justatitch

    I have the same question as Jill-Pil: may I have some?

    Also, my iPhone makes me happier than most people.

    An iPhone is next on my list…as soon as I don’t have to switch to AT&T to get it!

  7. This is EXACTLY how I felt when I got Javier. 😉

    Hmmm, I bet Stella and Javier would make an excellent couple 🙂

  8. I remember when I first got my blackberry – brings back memories!

    I know, I’m so late to the party. But at least I showed up eventually 🙂

  9. got my blackberry in june for my birthday. its my personal so its all gooooood!! lol i dont rank to have a work provided phone.

    my fiance does. for the first year he worked there he used his personal phone and they were reimbursing him i think it was 30% a month and that was all good and dandy and then they went off and got him a work phone! now he carries 2 of em around. its just a pain in the ass! and since he’s up there kind of on the totem pole he can’t “turn his off”, it sucks!

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