26.2 (times two)

I? Am exhausted.

Weekend in short:

My long over-due housewarming party. Facials. Pasta dinner. Marathon. Softball. Family Dinner.

Weekend in depth:

While last weekend was DD’s big race, this weekend was the Detroit Marathon. For the second year, my nonprofit participated — this year as a featured charity. I coordinated all of our efforts, including wrangling 25+ runners who ran on our behalf, planning two cheer stations, and managing the expectations of my Miranda Priestly-like boss.

Ed. Note: I’m not joking. She really is a Miranda Priestly clone. She even calls HERSELF that.

All in all, our efforts went exactly as planned. And the boss hid her inner Miranda quite well. (I think she knew that I wasn’t in the mood to deal with it.)

The marathon however, didn’t go as well. Sure, it was a great event. But, here in the D we’re all a little quieter than we typically are after the annual race.

Yesterday, three runners collapsed and died during the event. All within about 16 minutes of one another. They were of all ages — from 26 to 65.

They say death comes in threes, but this? This is more than a little eerie. And sobering. As I stood up in this morning’s staff meeting to thank all of my coworkers who either helped me plan our participation or who ran in the race, I wasn’t quite sure how to address it all. There were so many good things that happened with both our team and the race as a whole, but they were overshadowed by these sudden deaths.

Yet this was just one part of the weekend. Immediately following the race, I had to head to my softball team’s last games of the season. After swinging the bat and running the bases more than I have all season, it was off to DD’s birthday dinner with his family.

Where I promptly fell asleep before playing a game of Catchphrase where my exhaustion was evident in my inability to find words to describe things like “gas”.

All in all, it has been a weekend. Which will most certainly be followed by a week. Tomorrow is DD’s birthday. Wednesday I’ve planned a little surprise gathering for him. And Thursday my aunt and cousin fly into town for a long weekend.

My hopes of a quiet fall are pretty much gone at this point.



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7 responses to “26.2 (times two)

  1. Oh my lord… that’s horrifying!

    At least you have some fun times ahead to distract you. So sad.

  2. Ohhh, wow. That’s pretty scary indeed. I’m telling you, people are not meant to run marathons!!!

    At this rate, I’m not planning on slowing down until January. I’ve just accepted it. When oh when did our lives become THIS crazy??!!

  3. walkingonsunshine18

    OMG that’s horrible! That scares me!!!

  4. Yeah the Detroit marathon deaths were so sad. Such a tragedy.

  5. That is horrifying. Good luck with the rest of your week.

  6. Being a runner from Chicago, I am not immune to hearing about deaths related to running marathons. We’ve had a few of them here, too. Death, no matter what the cause, is very very sad. And deaths on the race course make one wonder whether some people should be racing at all … and what the underlying circumstances were to those deaths (rarely is it just because a person was running too hard).

    But, during these times, I also remind myself not to overlook the accomplishments of the thousands who raced and finished. They shouldn’t be forgotten.

  7. matt sent me the news article about those deaths. so tragic.
    sounds like you need to get some you time scheduled on your planner!

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