Goal Setting, Week 2

Alternatively titled: the one where my toe gets in the way.

Not much of an update this week. As you may have seen in the addendum to my last post, I broke my toe last week. So, that puts all work-out related things on hold, and basically everything else because apparently a broken toe equates to me losing all sense of motivation to get off the couch.

This is my first broken bone, like EVER, and trust me, I’m very glad it’s just my toe and not my arm or something more serious. But, there’s not much one can do for a broken toe except wait it out. And think about life. Hence, the lessons I’ve learned this week:

  1. The second yoga is taken away from me, I want it back ASAP. I was rarely going, but the very minute I realized I could no longer walk, much less stand on one foot while contorting my body, I hated life. It will likely be a good month before I can get back to the mat. I’ve gone a month without yoga before, but never by force.
  2. DD is kind of amazing. He’s off this week, so he’s driving me back and forth to work, even though I live a mere four blocks away from my office. But, 4 blocks on a broken toe is like 4 miles, so I appreciate the offer. He also drove me out to my parents this weekend (the aforementioned toe is on my right foot, so I’m hesitant to drive).
  3. Toes are kind of important! I’m amazed at how much I use them — and how much I can’t use them right now. While it hurts less, I’m still limping and because of my awkward gait, the rest of my foot/ankle is all jacked up. I may be a permanent gimp!
  4. Broken toes are rather common. Seems like everyone I’ve talked to has broken his or her toes. We are a nation of klutzes, obvi.
  5. I miss my heels.

Luckily it is hurting a lot less than it was. I can put more weight on it, and will hopefully be able to return to a normal gait this week. The shoe boot I got helps, as I apparently had no sandals appropriate for broken toes.

there is a downside, though. With the holidays just around the corner, I’m particularly excited at the prospect of wearing my fashionable shoe boot to not one, but TWO weddings, plus DD’s office party.

I’m SO going to be the belle of all the balls.



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6 responses to “Goal Setting, Week 2

  1. Yikes i’m glad you’re okay! I hate being limited in what I can and can’t do. Once my activity is gone I want it back right away. And you’re going to rock that shoe boot like no one else.

  2. ria

    ouch! i’m glad it’s starting to feel better 🙂

  3. Sorry to hear about your toes. Hope you get well soon.

  4. walkingonsunshine18

    OWWW I hope your toe mends quickly!

  5. Ouch! I’m glad you had a chauffeur and you’ve been able to give your poor little toe a rest!

  6. Ohhh, honey. I’ve sported one of those gorgeous shoe boot things before. For like four months. In the SUMMER. Brutal.

    I hope that toe starts feeling better soon!!

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