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A hop, skip, and three weeks

Just like that, nearly 20 days have passed since I stopped in at my little corner of the Interwebs.

I’veĀ  been thinking about the blog lately, and it’s crossed my mind several times over the past three weeks to just shut it down. Lack of time, lack of content…the excuses abound. But I’m not one that believes in locking doors permanently, so I’m here. For now.

One of my many resolutions for 2010 is to figure out what I’m doing with this place. More on that in another post. Because before we can get to the future, we’ve got to reflect on the past, right?

While there is a post brewing on the past long gone, today is about looking at the past barely behind me. In between thoughts of blog closures, I’ve spent the last 2 weeks on vacation and of course celebrating the holidays.

Christmas was lovely and I got most of what I asked for. Lots of kitchen utensils, which sounds boring, but they’re all things I want/need, but hate spending the money on!

DD and I divided time between both of our families, spending Christmas Eve with his and Christmas Day with mine. He and I have also gotten into the tradition of going to Christmas Eve mass together, just the two of us. It’s the only thing we do alone those two days. I don’t think he cares much about it, but I find it to be a special time for us to share together.

The rest of vacation was spent doing a lot of nothing. Unless you count sleeping until noon, watching at least 4 hours of TV a day, and rarely venturing out of sweats, something.

While it may be nothing, it did wonders for my mind. This week I returned to work fresh and perky, engaged in the work I needed to do, and ready to take on 2010.

At first, I thought I might regret not taking this short week off as well. DD is on vacation this week, as are several other friends and most of my own co-workers. But it was nice to come back to a quiet office and have some time for myself to refocus. I know that come Monday, the onslaught of post-vacation thoughts/ideas/to-do’s will be waiting, and having this week to get organized and prioritize will do wonders for keeping my sanity in tact.

There were a couple downsides to the time away. It gave me a glimpse into the negatives of living in the D. Don’t get me wrong, having the ability to walk to work and live mere blocks from DD and other friends are both big selling points. But when you’re not working (and your boyfriend and friends are), there’s not much to do in downtown Detroit. There are bars and restaurants all over the place, but sometimes, that’s just not enough.

Had I been more motivated, I could have driven or taken the bus the 2 miles up the road to the cozy Starbucks or Biggby Coffee, but I just never got around to it.

But when it came down to it, my couch and Netflix did just fine.



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All it takes is a vacay

That last post was pretty Sad Sally, wasn’t it?

It’s amazing what 10 days will do. Well, that and the prospect of a two week vacation.

Yep, that’s right. As of 5 p.m. this evening, I will be off until after Christmas! Now, this means I will be working in between Christmas and New Year’s, so as you guys are enjoying that time to yourself, I’ll be cursing this early vacay. But for now, I’m choosing to rub it in wherever I can.

I’m in dire need of some time away. The past month or so, I’ve been a bit burnt out. Not because of too much work, but because of too little. That, combined with a general lack of inspiration in what I’m doing has made getting through the past few weeks quite a task.

But no more! My goal is to take some time resting and recouping from yet another fantastic year, and then throwing myself into 2010. Because I have a feeling it will be a pretty great year!

So, what am I going to do with my time off? Well, I’m glad you asked!

  • Shopping Detroit. I can’t totally complete my shopping list within city limits, but some friends and family will be getting gifts from some of my favorite local boutiques…namely Bureau of Urban Living and City Bird. There will also be a healthy dose of Pewabic Pottery in the mix!
  • Netflixing my brains out. I’m hoping to finish Six Feet Under!
  • Spending QT with DD. God, his work schedule has sucked lately. In fact, I haven’t talked to him, aside from a couple blackberry messages, since 6 a.m. Tuesday morning. We share about half of my time off together and I’m looking forward to kicking back together!
  • Reading! A new book club book awaits, as do a stack of books I stole from my mom’s house over Thanksgiving.


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Maybe, maybe

It’s not that I haven’t had things to blog about this week — it’s just that I’ve been feeling a bit…off.

Maybe it’s because DD’s been out of town for work all week, a change of pace from the beginning of our relationship. The first year and a half was spent with him gone almost every week. I got used to it. Developed my own routine.

This year, he’s been home every week. Still working late, but home. And the past 6 months, with me living just a few blocks away, we’ve seen each other nearly every day. We’ve developed a new routine. Together. So having him gone this week has caused my new routine to suddenly go up in flames. I don’t know what to do, where to go, how to be. Odd, but true.

Or maybe it’s the broken toe. It’s in this place where I’m back to walking normally, where there’s not much pain, but not quite to the place where I can get rid of the shoe boot or work out. Which is getting REALLY depressing. I feel so close, and yet so far.

Or maybe it’s the news I got yesterday. News that the prescription assistance I’ve been getting for two of my oh-so-pricey, but oh-so-life-saving transplant medications will run out in a few months. Because I’m a go-getter and got a promotion awhile back, and my income is now too high. Yet, amazingly, not high enough to pay the $10,000 a year that the drugs cost without coverage. Apparently, the drug companies believe otherwise, though.

I’ve got a plan and am fairly confident I will get coverage of some sort that will help me decrease my personal costs. But, it’s still there, a worry in the back of my head.

Maybe, it’s news that the wife of a blogger I read is back on the transplant list. She has the same illness I do, and that illness is the reason we both received kidney transplants. Hers was 11.5 years ago, mine was nearly 6 years ago.

I’ve never met Bob and Jeanne, but things like organ transplants tend to bring you close to those who have gone through it too. So, it’s hard for me to hear this news. Not only am I concerned for her and her family, but stuff like this also reminds me of my own mortality — and the mortality of my transplanted kidney. They don’t last forever, you know, but when you’re a young, otherwise healthy person, you really, really want them to.

I want to get married, have babies, advance in my career, travel, and do nothing but sit on my couch and enjoy the life I have. Will there be time? For the most part, I live in the present and these thoughts don’t often enter my brain cells. But there are times, like this week, when I don’t feel the biological clock tick like so many women my age, but instead I feel the life clock tick. And trust me, that ticking? Is much louder, and much, much scarier.

There’s lots of maybe’s out there, hanging in the air, bringing me down.


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