The decade where I found love, Part 2

Last we left, D and I were on an upswing and life was going well…

Read part 1 here.

2005 brought heartbreak when D and I called it quits in the summer. While struggling to figure out my next move, I reconnected with Mac, who lived a few miles away from my parents. Mac had always been in the picture, but with the on-again, off-again relationship with D, he didn’t stand much of a chance. When D and I finally ended it, I let Mac in. But for some reason I was still hesitant to go for it.

That November, while out celebrating the city’s holiday tree lighting festival, I had a 30 second meeting with DD. A friend introduced us, I thought he was attractive, and then quickly forgot about him when I left the bar a bit later.

Meanwhile, throughout 2005 Mac continued dating other girls, and in the winter of 2006, he met a young woman he really hit it off with. As you might guess, it was about then that I realized I wasn’t ready to give him up. I made a mad dash to claim him, and for the first time in nearly five years, he refused me.

The summer of 2006 brought a whirlwind relationship with a co-worker. He came out of nowhere and was the opposite of my typical man, but his wit won me over. I fell hard and quick and for a couple months, we were quite wrapped up in one another. A fight over nothing led to the demise of that relationship, but the drama would continue for months as we (well, I) struggled to figure out how to have an ex that was also a co-worker.

In the fall of 2006, I moved out of my parents house and lived with a roommate I found on Craigslist. One of my best roommate experiences thus far. I was also supposed to go to Italy that fall for my first trip out of the country. My friend and I got stranded for 24 hours in Dulles Airport, and had to reschedule.

In 2007, I finally made it to Italy. My friend and I spent 2 incredible weeks in Rome, Florence, and Venice, eating our weight in pasta and tiramisu.

A couple months later, a co-worker finally convinced me to meet a guy she’d been trying to set me up with for nearly a year. I walked into the bar that night and stood face-to-face with DD. Again.

There were a few casual get-togethers that month, though my shy demeanor was getting the better of me. DD persevered and we began dating.

That fall, we continued seeing each other, and I moved to my own place for the first time. DD and I had our issues, too. One week in October, he claimed he wanted space, and then called me days later asking me to meet his family for the first time. That Christmas, we went to his office party and proceeded to break up for about 5 minutes before he pleaded with me not to leave.

In 2008, DD and I seemed to work out our issues. We took our first big trip together. We shared the first “I Love You’s”. He came to my cousin’s wedding with me and met all of my extended family.

At work, I got promoted; a highlight of my career. My first real promotion.

Otherwise, the year was one of my most stable to date.

2009 was more of the same as DD became an extension of my family, and I of his. I moved to downtown Detroit to be closer to him and to work. We celebrated all of the major holidays together, from fourth of July barbecues to Labor Day picnics, navigating the waters of family commitments.

He and I ended 2009 by booking arrangements for a trip to Cabo in February 2010.

After a decade of first dates, blind dates, hopes for the future, and massive heart breaks, I think I finally found the love that I’m supposed to. Which makes the decade worth it.



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7 responses to “The decade where I found love, Part 2

  1. Dude, are we walking some parallels with our man-friends these last few years? 07-10 looks a little familiar…

    What a run, though! And what a great start to 2010 🙂

  2. Aw- this was my decade for true love too. Its was a lucky one 🙂

  3. I love the decade of love recap. It’s so telling of a person to know more about their history. And a beach vacation next month? Now that’s something to look forward to! (Though, I’ll be following on your heels with a beach vacation planned in March!)

  4. ria

    wow cabo, how exciting!!! it’s amazing all the things that can happen in 10 years!

  5. Cog

    Sounds like an outline for that pink book. Just go easy on Mac, I know for a fact that was probably the roughest, toughest thing he’s ever gone thru.

  6. This post and the one before it are so sweet. As someone who’s in a bit of a dating drought, your words, this story, the decade of love, warmed my heart.

    Tight hugs.

  7. This is quite a journey… it’s sweet, in the end. Man you went through so much.

    I refrain from writing a story of the last ten years of my love life because most of it contains heartbreak.

    And the last half of it has been filled with my up and down and up again (got married last year) relationship with my now husband. Yes, five years before we walked down the aisle, but it is all worth it.

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