Churchin’ it up

Since around Christmas, I’ve been back in the weekly church groove.

Throughout my life as a Catholic, I’ve had a hit or miss relationship with mass. As a child I was forced (because that’s really the only way children will wake up early on a Sunday) to go. Then there was a time when I could make my own decisions and opted for sleep instead of worship. In college, I found the groove again with a Sunday evening mass at the campus parish. Then it was back to sleep.

This back and forth has continued for the past few years until my mother started in on me about marriage. I’ve always felt I would be married in the Catholic Church, regardless of my relationship with a weekly mass. But as my mother reminds me, I can’t be married in one without being a member of one. She and my father are members of a local chapel, but for many reasons, it’s not one I would consider as the backdrop for my wedding.

There’s a church a few blocks away from me that I’ve known about for years, but now that I’m officially a downtown resident, I decided to check it out. And slowly, I’m falling in love.

It’s a diverse congregation, made up of little old ladies that have been going there for 50+ years, young professionals and young families, and the homeless population who simply seek warmth and quiet. They have a new music minister who is nothing short of fabulous, and even the building itself is the most unique church I’ve ever stepped foot into. You can check out photos here.

Anyway, for the past couple months, it’s been an enjoyable way to spend my Sundays. I’m now a member, so if I should get engaged someday soon, I have somewhere to get married.

More importantly, I’m also realizing that it’s become a great way to reconnect with my own faith. At this week’s mass, they had the introductory rites for adults seeking to become Catholic as well as the candidates for confirmation. I was confirmed back in 8th grade, but I can’t remember one thing about it. I took religious ed classes all through school, and went to a Catholic high school. And yet my knowledge of the Catholic faith would probably fall in the novice category.

Since St. Al’s really does attract all sizes and shapes, it seems to hold a place as a “teaching” church. After all my years of being taught, perhaps I’m finally ready to be a student.



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4 responses to “Churchin’ it up

  1. ria

    i went to private elementary school and was forced to go to church with my dad and then we didn’t go anymore. when i was just out of high school my mom started classes for baptism and communion. i started going to church again and it moved me. then some life things happened and then some things with the church i grew up in and i stopped going. i wish i could say i miss it, but i don’t.

    i must not be ready to be a student again. or i need to find a church i feel like i can belong to and believe in.

  2. Wow, that church looks gorgeous! It sounds like a very warm, inviting place. Just like a church should be.

  3. walkingonsunshine18

    That’s so cool that you’re going back to church, I really need to get my butt in gear! That church is really gorgeous btw! 🙂

  4. A friend of mine got married there. It’s gorgeous.

    I love the idea of getting married in a cathedral.

    Plus, the sheer history of a place like that… It’s grand and humble at the same time.

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