Friday Foto, week 3

I’m here, but I’m also over at Ria’s today, keeping her Internet corner warm and cozy while she’s in San Diego. So, after you read about the best supermarket in Detroit, click on over for travel tales gone horribly wrong.

Guacamole. Tamales. Chorizo. Tortillas.

All of these and oh so much more can be found at my favorite local grocery store, Honeybee Market.

El Supermercado

One of the first questions I’m asked when I tell others that I live in Detroit is: Where do you go grocery shopping? See, there are no major grocery stores in the city. We do have a pretty fabulous farmers market, and there are a few independent groceries, but they are often high priced and lack selection.

Because I’m not so good with the daily or weekly trips to the farmers market and favor a wide selection of groceries, I travel every couple weeks to my local Meijer (think Kroger, Giant, HyVee, etc.) in a nearby suburb. But sometimes, I just need a head of lettuce. Or a chicken breast. Or some milk. Or some homemade guacamole.

For these little requests, I turn to Honeybee. Located in Southwest Detroit, the market caters to the high population of Latino residents who have settled in the neighborhood. Southwest is also home to Mexicantown, filled with fabulous ethnic fare.

When you walk into the supermarket, you’re greeted with cheerful ethnic music and bowls of freshly made salsa, pico de gallo, and guacamole, ready for you to taste. You’re also greeted with bright lighting, produce that rivals our farmers market down the road, and the freshest meats. I would have loved to take photos of the inside, but I feel weird about throwing down the whole “I’m a blogger can I please take pictures of your private property” line. So you get to just imagine it for yourself.

Since Honeybee caters to a very specific population, this isn’t the place I go to for things like pasta, my favorite Weight Watchers yogurt, or that odd ingredient for a recipe. But for other basics that I need in a pinch, it suits me just fine. And when I’m in the mood for chorizo tacos (because plain old hamburger is SO last year), or fresh guacamole, I head two miles down the road.



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6 responses to “Friday Foto, week 3

  1. Sounds like an interesting place! Groceries stores are so odd sometimes, and I always forget that they’re different in just about every State.

  2. Have you gone to Eastern Market? You can get fresh, local, organic produce on the really cheap! Nate and I used to go faithfully every Saturday, but then we started staying up way too late on Fridays and then we wake up at 2, missing the market completely.

    This place sounds amazing, though!

  3. What a find! Chicago has one of the highest Latino populations in the U.S., so a lot of our local markets are supermercado’s.

  4. I am so spoiled, I love next to a grocery store.

  5. I Love Honeybee! So glad that you do too. Let’s go shopping together one day, ok? It’s always awesome to support a local place too. 🙂

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