Michigan Love: Sports

Jenni is a new blog in my reader, and also a new real life friend! I was excited when she wanted to talk about sports, because that’s something I don’t spend much time on.

However, I must take issue with one key fact: she includes the Michigan Wolverines, but NOT the Michigan State Spartans (my alma mater). Since Ann Arbor is TECHNICALLY closer to Detroit than East Lansing, I’ll let it slide, especially since she found positive things to say about the Lions, and that’s tough to do!
Hello everyone, I’m Jenni from absent minded. and the beautiful Supergirl has asked me to share some fun things about this beautiful city I call home. As you’ve seen over the past couple days Detroit is a fabulous city. But one thing that no one has yet to share with you is the one thing that makes Detroit stand out from all other cities on the globe (yes, I’m going worldwide here).
It’s our sports!
Yes, this little midwest city is full of lots of love for sweat and competition. And I must say that we’ve got the best sports teams in all the land. Yup, dare to fight me on this one. I may be a girly girl at times, but I’m one that loves her Detroit sports and will stand behind my teams forever. Yes, even the Lions. Here’s why…
Detroit is Hockey Town. Enough said. We breathe and bleed red (literally). We’ve won the most Stanley Cup championships of any NHL franchise in the USA and are third overall in NHL championships just behind the two Canadian teams (and we all know how those Canadian’s are with their hockey!).
Additionally, we have the longest streak of post-season appearances in all of American professional sports. We have had the honor of players wearing the red wing such as Gordie Howe, Steve Yzerman, Ted Lindsey and Sid Abel. This is one team that not many other cities can rival.

Joe Louis Arena

This team might be one of my all time favorite Detroit teams. Mainly because I love outdoor sports and just adore drinking beers and chowing down on hotdogs and peanuts on a beautiful spring/summer/fall day.
But that isn’t the only reason the Tiger’s are an amazing sports team. One of the American League’s original eight charter franchises, this club was founded in 1894.
We’ve won four World Series (but not since before I was born in 1984) and ten total American League pennants (just one a few years ago in 2006!).  We have one of the most famous and recognizable logos next to the New York Yankees and had stars such as Sparky Anderson and Al Kaline play on our Detroit soil. And above all this, all these baseball boys look hot in their little outfits.

Outside Comerica Park

With a Tiger!

Now who couldn’t love a team that had the official “bad boys” on their team? Uh, not I! And our adorable mascot, Hooper, just makes the games 500 times more fun. Started in a high school gym in Indiana in 1948, this team moved to Detroit in 1957 as been home to many memories since then. Players such as Joe Dumars, Isiah Thomas, Bill Lainbeer, Chauncy Billups, Grant Hill, and Dennis Rodman have all had the privilege of wearing the Piston on their chest.
Having won three NBA Championships, with the last in 2004, this team has a record of giving all they can. Although we have our good and bad days, this team is at the heart of Detroit’s finest.

Inside The Palace

So we might be the one and only team to never make it to the Superbowl, haven’t qualified to go the the NFL championship since 1957, hold the second longest losing steak in the NFL (with 19 games) and set the record for the first NFL team to never win a game a season ago – but gosh darn it, I still say we are going to win the Superbowl in the near future! I have high hopes for our fabulous Lions.
We’ve had 16 hall of famers grace our Detroit fields, such as Barry Sanders and Dutch Clark, yet still are one of the worst teams ever. Instead of dwelling on this team any longer just for you other sport city folks to rub in your NFL greatness in my face… I’d like to move onto my favorite Michigan sports team…
Hail! to the victors vailant; Hail! to the conqu’ring heros; Hail! Hail! to Michigan the leaders and the best… GO BLUE! Seriously, I love my boys in blue. Although we do have lots of other colleges in the state that try to compete with the Wolverines, nothing can stop these maize and blue players. Although we have like 500 great sport teams on this campus, my favorite is football.
The Big House, which houses 106,201 currently at every home game, is one of my favorite places to spend a Saturday. We hold 11 National Championships and have produced hundreds of players that have excelled in the NFL. I could run off statistics all day long but I’d rather just let the team do the speaking. So if you would ever like to make a bet on a Michigan game, I’m all for it.
Well, that’s all I got. This chick loves her sports and lives and breathes for my Detroit teams. Agree? Disagree? I’d love to hear what you think. And don’t forget to shoot over to my blog and say hello… and Go Detroit!
Great post, right? I loved the photos of the stadiums so much that I asked Jenni where she bought them. She told me she made them herself! Pretty fancy, no? Check out how she did it, here.


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6 responses to “Michigan Love: Sports

  1. hehe… Go Blue! 🙂
    If it’s not obvious, I seriously adore Michigan sports.

  2. ria

    jenni you are so creative! this post is awesome! i have to say the Wings are my favorite! you even said something nice about the Lions 🙂

  3. Ams

    I am soooooo mad that I didn’t go to a Red Wings game while I was there! Love me some sports my friend!

  4. walkingonsunshine18

    City love and sports love… AWESOME 🙂

  5. Love this post! 🙂 I’d like to go with Chris to a Red Wings and/or Tigers game someday 🙂

  6. i LOOOVE this feature because you are a girl after my own heart: SPORTS!!

    i always say it’s the best thing my ex ever gave me a love for.

    the way you feel about your Michigan teams mirrors my love for all my Texas Teams:

    Dallas Cowboys (NFL), Dallas Mavericks (NBA), TX Rangers (Baseball), and the STARS (hockey!)

    Oh a girl after my own heart.

    except i even have a Nascar driver… haha Tony Stewart!

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