Michigan Love: Slow’s BBQ

I can’t remember how long I’ve been reading Sillygrrl, or how I found her. But I love her short and sweet posts, and awesome photos. I’m also completely jealous of her crafty skills and will at some point get her to make me one of her awesome rings. Until then, let’s see what she has to say about one of the best restaurants in town, Slow’s. It’s won national accolades from Food Network, Bon Appetit, and a host of other publications.


I’ve been vegetarian for eight years and if there’s one thing I miss, it’s barbecue. Sweet, salty, messy, delicious barbecue, but you can’t just slather sauce on a block of tofu, it doesn’t even come close.

So you can imagine my delight when I was introduced to Slows for the first time. It was in the fall, two years ago, I was hanging out downtown with my then-boyfriend when two of his friends picked us up (If you’re a reader of my blog, one of them was Jessica of Double Trouble fame) and took us to Corktown.

The restaurant is nestled in a block of rundown bars and vacant store fronts. It’s quite easy to walk right by the big wooden door as it doesn’t look like a door at all. Inside the restaurant is modern with exposed brick and wood paneling matching the front door.

Judging by the 2+ hour wait your find on weekends I’m sure the real meat bbq is great, but I’m all about the non-meaty deliciousness that is The Genius. Perfectly meat-like, fake chicken slathered in sauce, topped with coleslaw and pickles on Texas toast. And waffle fries! They have the best waffle fries! Excuse me while I drool on my keyboard.

Each table is loaded with 6 different bbq sauces, which I try every time I dine at Slows because I can never remember which is my favorite.

At every other restaurant I’m notorious for only eating half my meal to save room for dessert, but I have never managed to do this at Slows. Based on the amazingness of their fake bbq, waffle fries and mac ‘n cheese, I’m sure their desserts are equally as good, but I just cannot stop myself from eating my entire meal.

One other thing that adds to the fabulousness of Slows is the view. Now we’re not talking about oceans and mountains and beautiful city lights, no I’m talking giant, scary train station. It often reminds me of the pre-slime covered museum in Ghostbusters 2. It is enormous and run down and beautiful.

So if you learn nothing else about Detroit while Super Girl is away, remember this, while it may look like the city is wasting away, the spirit of the people is incredibly strong and there are absolute gems hidden within the rubble.



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3 responses to “Michigan Love: Slow’s BBQ

  1. ria

    their mac and cheese is so yummy! omg i need to go soon! *drool

  2. *drools on self*


  3. Slows = love. End of story. Everyone who comes to Detroit needs to go there.

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