Cabo Part 2: The adventure

So, ya heard all about the fabulous resort.

(And really, wasn’t it just fabulous?!)

While we did spend 95% of the time at the resort, we did venture out for a few hours on our last full day.

When we checked in, we were greeted by the concierge with a plethora of tourist activities to take part in — along with a friendly time share pitch. Frankly, there were so many brochures and flyers (most not in English) that DD and I were both a little overwhelmed.

Since we’d set out for this trip to be strictly relaxation, I hadn’t done a ton of research about all the sights to see. We’d talked to someone who had been to Cabo San Lucas and she gave us lots of restaurant recommendations — but again, we weren’t staying near San Lucas. We knew there was swimming with the dolphins and boat trips available, but we didn’t look into them too much. We figured we’d decide once we got there how adventurous we were feeling.

Our first full day, I woke up early and dug out the pile of sales pitches. Swimming with the dolphins was too expensive. I wasn’t in the mood to jet ski. Booze cruises didn’t thrill me.

But kayaking? Sure why not.

Now, I’d never even been in a kayak. The fact that the kayak was a two-person boat made me less intimidated than if I was doing it solo. Still, I’d normally go for a nice, simple boat tour and call it a day. I’m not quite sure what got into me, actually. I pulled the flyer out of the stack, along with the requisite boat tour, and presented both options to DD.

He tried to lobby for the jet ski’s, but was intrigued that I’d chosen kayaking; he knows my non-adventurous nature all too well. Of course he jumped on the opportunity, which immediately made me nervous about it. Would we tip the boat? Would we get run over by a cruise ship? Would I go overboard and drift out to sea, never to return?

I’m a little dramatic.

We were a little lazy about scheduling the outing, but we finally got around to it and found ourselves meeting up with Felix and Sebastian early one morning. Your typical Mexicans (though C-bass was Argentinian), they were both friendly and outgoing. They drove us into San Lucas, picking up another couple along the way, and helped us launch the kayaks.

Don’t get me wrong, we were surrounded by tourist boats and there was a cruise ship in the harbor. I started out a little terrified of tipping, but within minutes DD and I had a rhythm done and we were able to create forward motion!

We paddled to the Arch at Lands End, where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. There are some amazing rock formations and a sea lion colony that just lays on one of the rocks. All the boat tours hit the same spot, but being at the water level in the kayak, feeling very exposed and free to look up at the magnificence, was way better than any boat tour.

Enter the part that I will always regret about the vacation: we didn’t bring a camera.

I know, right?!?!?!?!

It’s obvious we weren’t thinking; we assumed the camera would get wet, fall overboard, yada yada yada. So it stayed at the resort. The fact that I have no photos from this part of the trip (and thus only photos from the resort) still kills me.

In absence of my own photos, here’s a few to at least give you an idea of what we saw — though my experience was so much more vibrant than any photo could depict. The idea of being at that point on the earth, bobbing in a little kayak, still amazes me.



Ugh, not having my own photos is the worst. It hurts even looking at other pictures.



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6 responses to “Cabo Part 2: The adventure

  1. What a fun adventure! I totally agree with your comment about the different (and better!) perspective from the kayak versus cruise ship. Now that you’ve jumped over the hump, do you think you’ll be up for more adventures like this on future trips?

  2. I love kayaking! In Costa Rica we were told by someone that unless our cameras had straps we shouldn’t bring them zip lining. That was such a huge mistake.

  3. That is so amazing!! It sounds like you had a heavenly, relaxing vacation 🙂

  4. Kayaking is HARD! I love it, but mannn. It’s a workout!

  5. Wow that sounds like you had a really great adventure!

  6. Don’t beat yourself up about not taking a camera. It’s a bummer but you remember how things looked and how gorgeous it was and that’s the most important thing. Imagine if you spent all that time taking photos and then they didn’t turn out?

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