Friday Foto: City Year

I almost didn’t have a photo this week. For shame, right?!

But then I was walking to work this morning and saw this:

A crowd of red jacketed City Year volunteers warming up for the day.

According to their Web site, City Year is a nationwide service program that started in the late 1980s. High school grads and other young adults choose to spend a year volunteering in an urban area. Much of their service is tied to education and mentoring, but they also participate in community transformation projects that clean up and improve the cities where they serve.

In Detroit, City Year volunteers can be found tutoring kids in our schools, painting murals in local neighborhoods, and mentoring youth so that they learn the importance of making a difference.

Every so often, they can also be found in Campus Martius Park, as I found them this morning. Volunteers start their day with warm ups and other energizing activities before deploying to their service sites. Today, it’s rather dreary and rainy, but as I approached the park I kept seeing red jackets walking toward it. And then when I turned the corner, there was the group, loud and active on an otherwise quiet Friday.

Their exuberance infected me as I finished the walk to work. Knowing that they’re out there trying to make Detroit a better place gave me the energy to try to do the same.



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4 responses to “Friday Foto: City Year

  1. Wow, that’s a really cool organization! I kind of thought maybe you were going to say they were a group warming up for one of those group performances like the Sound of Music song in the train station.

  2. It’s inspiring that there’s a group of volunteers who gives up a year to do some peace-corps like stuff, but at home. Transformation of the world begins at home.

    I hear about them on WDET/NPR every now and then, and I feel like I should join, if only I could afford to not work for a year!

  3. What a great picture! You don’t see stuff like that everyday and it would definitely energize me too!

  4. Being inspired by people around me in the world is one of the best things. It seems to mean more when you see ordinary people do extraordinary things… like the little things you do add up to something big and worth it.

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