Anatomy of a bracket

For the first time, I filled out a March Madness bracket. I’ve never been much of a sports fan, following my alma mater (Michigan State) when it was appropriate, but otherwise feeling rather indifferent toward sports. I was the girl that cared more about the marching band at football games than the actual football team.

But for some reason this year, I decided to step out of my box. And now I’m hooked. I was up until midnight on Thursday and Friday watching the games and cheering for teams I’d never heard of, like Murray State, Siena or St. Mary’s California.

It is a bit maddening, this March Madness. I mean really, how do you choose who’s going to win among 64 random teams? Everyone has their own methodology, and even though I’m only 1 year in, here’s mine:

  • Name recognition. I believe in strong brand awareness, and if I know your name, I’m likely to pick you. Who gives a shit if Louisville hasn’t been good in years? I know you, you’re going all the way.
  • Loyalty. In addition to MSU, I have a few favorites. My father went to Oklahoma State. I was born in Manhattan, home of Kansas State. Oakland University is in a suburb of Detroit. Funny thing is, when it came down to it, loyalty didn’t cloud my judgment. Sure, it made me think a minute, but loyalty only played a role when I thought the team was good. Which has worked out well now that MSU and K State are headed to the Sweet Sixteen.
  • Sweet Nothings. I did my bracket while on the phone with DD. You better believe I casually asked for his advice without making it seem like I was asking for his advice.

Not sure that my methodology has worked out for me. My bracket is completely busted (I’m looking at you Georgetown and Kansas). I’m thinking I need to get better at picking upsets (damn you, Murray State, I almost picked you!)

So tell me, how do you make your picks?



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6 responses to “Anatomy of a bracket

  1. I usually love March Madness and bracket making, but I just didn’t have the time this year. Normally, though? I read my Sports Illustrated, talk to my father and brother in law, and root for the underdogs.

    The year George Mason made it into the Final Four was the best, though. I had them going that far simply because I was in grad school there and wanted to root for my college team. Never, EVER thought they’d actually DELIVER… Ohhhh, but they did!

  2. This is so funny, because this is the first year in over a decade where I didn’t fill out any brackets. Don’t get me wrong, I have loved every single second of the basketball I’ve watched. Only for me, I can fall in love with Northern Iowa without worrying that my brackets are now screwed.

    Normally, I just go with my gut. I know enough about college hoops to pick wisely. But, I don’t over analyze. And that’s usually what keeps me competitive.

  3. This might be my first year not doing a bracket. I don’t know why either. I have never been a big fan of college basketball but I always thought it was fun to do brackets and beat people who had all these special ways of choosing (like who is good and stuff) while I just choose based on school colors, location and cute players. Gotta love the season.
    Hopefully you see come out with a strong bracket!

  4. Just the thought of filling out a bracket makes me all overwhelmed and suffocatey. I can’t handle the pressure, particularly with my complete lack of knowledge about basketball!

  5. ria

    hehe if i still did brackets i’d pick mine by name brand, loyalty and if i like the color of their jerseys 🙂

  6. Oh my gosh, I’ve never filled out a bracket before but next year I’m totally on it. I need to be in on this madness!!

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