Just stopping in to say hi before another weekend (thankfully) hits us.

I’ve gotta say, this week can’t come to an end soon enough. It feels like it’s gone on for ages. And while there have been lots of good things, like Detroit Restaurant Week, tickets to Jerry Seinfeld, book club, and yoga — there have also been several not-so-good things.

I’ve had at least one meal at a restaurant every day since last Friday, and while it’s been good for my taste buds, it hasn’t been good for my figure. Couple that with completely losing my 6 a.m. my gym routine and you’ve got quite the cranky body.

I’m also leaving town this weekend, and while I’m excited to visit family, I’m sad that I’m going to miss out on a great weekend in Detroit. All week I’ve been thinking about things I want to do this weekend (bike ride! Eastern Market!) and have had to remind myself I won’t be in town. Spring and summer weekends in the D are just so precious. Being out of town also means I won’t see DD for about a week. He left town yesterday and comes back tomorrow, while I leave tomorrow and come back Monday. Ah well, we’ve had longer droughts.

But enough of the bad. Tomorrow’s Friday and though I’ll be missing a lovely weekend in the D, I’ll be heading to Nebraska to see my cousin, aunt and grandparents and to celebrate my grandma’s 85th birthday. It’s going to be a rousing event at the local VFW hall so there’s sure to be good stories.

But before I get on the jet plane, I wanted to share the thing that picked up my Thursday:

My surprise gift from Nilsa! A few weeks back, she headed down south for a lovely tropical getaway and while she was gone she kept her blog going with daily photo caption contests. I submitted a few entries, thinking my humor would be no match against her other awesome readers. But I was wrong and was voted best caption for one of the days! To see my winning wit, click on over!

Nilsa’s little surprise included a re-usable coffee cup, fancy soap, and some insanely sour candy.

I’m kind of addicted to the look of a Starbucks cup and the way it feels in my hands. It’s so much better than just your average mug. Yet, I rarely go to Starbucks these days so I’d been wanting to buy one of these coffee cups for awhile. It’s like she read my mind! I can’t wait to bust it out on my morning walk to work!

While the cup is great, DD will love the candies (and I even handled the sour-ness, which is amazing) and the soap is frankly smells too good to use!

So big thanks to Nilsa, obviously! Especially since this is my first giveaway/contest win. I’d say I lucked out, wouldn’t you?

With that, I’m off to pack. Have a fab weekend!



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7 responses to “Surprise!

  1. I saw some of those cups at Bed Bath & Beyond and totally dug them–lucky you! Congrats on your big win 🙂

  2. Have a great trip and a good weekend! How was Detroit Restaurant Week? I need full details!!

  3. Yay, you got the package before taking off for the weekend! Enjoy the time with your family and yes, I want to hear a recap of restaurant week, too!

  4. That reusable coffee cup is adorable! Have fun in Nebraska! And a very happy birthday to your grandma 🙂

  5. ria

    hope you had a wonderful trip! and i love your winnings 🙂

  6. Ohmigosh. That reusable coffee cup is absolutely adorable! I must find one of my very own now…

  7. So I know I’m like a week too late for this – but how was restaurant week? I ALWAYS want to do it but have no one to go with. Dang it – I need to find a man that likes to eat 😉
    How did your weekend in Nebraska go? Hopefully tons of fun and much better weather than we had!

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