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Confession time: I’ve been playing it pretty fast and loose at work these days. Punching my time card, getting what needs to be done, done. Emphasis on “needs”. All the other stuff that “should” get done, well, isn’t.

The thing is, my life kind of rocks right now. I live in this fabulous apartment in this great little neighborhood that I really want to dig into, especially now that the weather is turning. I’ve got a stack of books to read and lots of friends I want to see. I have this wonderful guy who is actually in town during the week these days.

All of this — and more — is making the daily count down to 5 p.m. much more prevalent than it ever has been. While I used to notice a nice day in passing, I now stare longingly at the sun shining out my window as I remain chained to the laptop.

My office is pretty casual. I don’t have to punch an actual time card, I can work off site (home, Starbucks, anywhere!) whenever it suits my schedule, and can pretty much make my own hours — as long as I put those hours in.

So you’d think that I’d be able to balance my need to enjoy this amazing life with my need to clock 8 hours a day. In some ways I can. When I work at home, I try to get out for a bike ride over lunch. Or I check out early and head to a yoga class. These things help, but I’m still restless.

What do you do to stay motivated at work when the weather goes from ghastly to gorgeous?



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