How I spent my summer vacation: Not here, obvi

Anyone still out there in Google Reader-land?! Does this feed even work anymore?!

When last we left, I was mourning a fallen Marine on Memorial Day.

We’re now quickly approaching Labor Day.

Wups. In the blink of an eye, 3 months have passed.

Over the next couple weeks, I’ll catch you up on my (not so) exciting summer — including work drama, an art class, birthdays, and other fun ways I spent my summer vacation. Which, now that I’m staring down 30 and haven’t been in school in nearly 10 years, hasn’t really been much of a vacation.

And after I’ve chatted at you as you enjoy your morning cup o’ Joe or your evening cup o’ tea, who knows, maybe I’ll get back into this blogging thing on the regular again.

Or maybe not. I’m a bit flighty!

In unrelated news, I’ve been thinking about coming out of the closet — the anonymity closet, of course. Not that I plan to start using actual names and outing DD and all my friends, but I am considering posting actual photos of my actual face.

I started out anonymously because I knew I’d be using this space for things I wouldn’t necessarily want my boss, mother, best friend, to read. But, it turns out I haven’t turned this place into a total bitch-fest.  And,  I’m already Facebook friends with a few of my favorite bloggers — and actual friends with several Detroit bloggers.

In reality, I’m not all that anonymous anymore.

But…what if I ever WANT to write about something controversial? What if I want to bitch about my job or my friend or my family and I’ve outed myself?

For now, I’ll remain the pseudo-top-secret-Supergirl.



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6 responses to “How I spent my summer vacation: Not here, obvi

  1. yay another return!

    I know I’m semi-anonymous, only that I don’t use my real name, but I still use my own pictures and I link to my facebook and on twitter you know my name so I guess not that anonymous either. But there’s something about a pen name. I just like it…

  2. It’s a tough call whether to remain anonymous or not, especially in the professional world. We’ve all seen what can happen when people don’t watch what they say on their blogs. I think that if it would bring a new element of enjoyment to disclose more on your site then you’ll find a balance between sharing and secrecy. It’s good to have you back blogging!

  3. Yo! Hey I’m still here and your feed works 🙂 Can’t wait to hear about your summer. Lord I can’t believe it’s almost Labor Day!!

  4. The beautiful thing about WordPress is for those uber controversial posts, you just make them password protected. So, yeah, I’m gonna vote for you coming out of the closet – it’ll be a big party that I surely won’t miss!

  5. ria

    can’t wait to hear what you have been up to 🙂 sometimes i still wish i was anonymous but most days i’m ok with being out there.

  6. I say you show us your pretty face! 🙂 I second Nilsa’s comment—anything you *really* don’t want people to read, you can put behind a password.

    Come out, come out!!

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