House Hunting

The thought of buying a home has always scared me.

The idea of being settled and committed to any one place for any length of time isn’t something I typically get behind. In the three years DD and I have been dating, I’ve moved twice. And then there was the one time before that. And then the nine times in college (not counting any time I moved home).

I’m someone who needs to change things up.

But lately, I find myself obsessed with homes. With thinking about where DD and I might go when we’re married. Would we buy in Detroit and truly commit to the city and all that comes with it? Would we head to the old money suburb just outside the city limits? Or would we choose the trendy suburb with the yuppie downtown? Or what about the far-reaching new money suburb full of McMansions?

I drive through each of these neighborhoods on a weekly basis. And as I cruise the tree lined streets, I watch for For Sale signs and mentally nix the homes I don’t like. Back at home, my reader has become increasingly home/design inspired.

DD and I aren’t anywhere near making a decision about a home and I don’t plan to make any purchases on my own. And I really do love my loft. But, I know it’s temporary and that sooner, rather than later, I’ll be in need of something more permanent. As I see cute rooms and paint colors and built-in bookshelves in my reader, it just gets me a bit more excited about the prospect.



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7 responses to “House Hunting

  1. There’s nothing wrong with thinking, dreaming, planning. The day we moved into our condo, my husband was already scouring the MLS for single family home listings, even though we knew we’d be living here for quite a few years. The thing about what you’re doing … well, when it comes time for you and DD to be serious about house-buying, you’ll be in the know. You’ll not only know your own wants and needs, but you’ll know the market; you’ll know good deals from bad; you’ll know how the different areas you’re considering have changed for better or worse over time. You’ll be armed. You’ll be ready. All because you’re become slightly obsessed before you’re even ready to make a move.

  2. i was you a few months ago… and viola, i just bought my first home (a townhouse) on my own, i close in a few weeks and i’m so excited!!!

    you’ll know when you’re ready, i sure did.

  3. I agree with Nilsa—there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having your eye on the market and learning what you like, want, need, etc., in a new home. Plus, it’s fun!!! šŸ™‚

  4. Now’s a good time to buy!

    We looked. Huntington Woods, Pleasant Ridge, Birmingham, Royal Oak all have really good deals right now, if you’re into putting in a bit of elbow grease.

  5. So exciting, I am actually envious as we would like to purchase to but instead went on a honeymoon so renting it is for us for a while. I hear you on the mentally nixing homes you pass, I do it all of the time.

  6. ria

    it’s good to look early, then you’ll know exactly what you are looking for when you start for real.

  7. Oh my gosh the idea of owning a home is really scary but I really love the idea of having my own place and decorating it in my own style. FINALLY.

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