reverb10: Community

Why not go balls to the wall with this whole blogging thing and do one of those awesome meme’s everyone keeps raving about?

Truth be told, I probably won’t follow through on every reverb post (I’m already 7 days late to the party anyway), but I think it will help me get back into regular posting when there’s a particularly good topic or I don’t have anything more exciting to share.

So, Day 7. Community.

Where have you discovered community, online or otherwise, in 2010? What community would you like to join, create or more deeply connect with in 2011?

2010 (and part of 2009 while we’re at it) has allowed me to explore the community where I lay my head. Detroit. Downtown to be specific, but most importantly, the city proper. I’m proud to say my driver’s license has boasted a Detroit address for a year and a half now.

One of the main reasons I moved into the city was to be closer to DD and a community of people like me. For those of you who only hear about Detroit from national news stories, you may be surprised to find out that a young, white, single, successful woman would move into the city to find a like-minded community, but it’s true.

I have close friends just two blocks away from me. I can see my gym from my apartment window. I walk to work and some of my favorite restaurants and bars. A short bike ride gets me to some fabulous parks, grocery stores, and boutiques. I may pass a few abandoned buildings on my way, but damn if it ain’t the best community I’ve lived in.

Last week, I went to the grand opening of a pop up shop. It’s open just for the holidays and it offers a variety of classy housewares and other fun decor. I made sure to bring a friend just in case I didn’t know anyone at the party, but I don’t know why I was so worried. Upon walking in, I saw no less than three other friends, all Detroiters, all interested in supporting a local business and checking out the scene on a random Thursday night.

It’s just one of many examples of the community Detroit gives me. During the cold months, my neighbors and I schedule game nights and dinners out. In the summer, we take walks and go for bike rides. It’s like the neighborhood I lived in as a kid, but with booze and parent-free.

This community of mine is probably short lived. It’s great for singles and newlyweds, and even folks with young kids. But the desire for a house and a yard and good schools for our children will probably have many of us headed for the suburbs at some point. All I can hope for is that if and when I do settle in the suburbs, I’m able to find a neighborhood that offers the same community I feel every day in Detroit.


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