Dear Santa

As I’ve gotten older, I’m not nearly into the gift part of Christmas that I was as a child. In fact, every November, the requests for my Christmas list start coming in and I have no idea what to ask for.

This year, I sat down and came up with a few odds and ends.

It wasn’t my favorite, but I still feel the need to have a full collection of SATC.


I’m not technically a vegetarian, but I don’t really enjoy cooking meat. This leaves me with lots of pasta in my diet, which, while yummy, isn’t nutritious. I’d like to learn some great meatless recipes that don’t involve all the carbs that pasta has.


My yoga pants are all pretty old. I could use some newer ones, and maybe a cropped pair or two. I’m a bit picky when it comes to this stuff, so in this case, a gift card would work too!


If my yoga pants are out of date, my sports bras are really out of date. These are a necessity for yoga. They cover more skin than a regular sports bra, but they don’t bulge out and block my breathing when I’m in an inversion.


OK. I know. I’m about 5 years behind the Ugg trend. The thing is, I live in Michigan. Where we have things like snow. And mud. And slush. So I need boots that can handle the snow, mud and slush without crumbling at the mere thought. For the longest time I’ve felt that while Uggs were fashionable, they weren’t practical. And I still think that. But, I also think that I deserve to be fashionable. My question to the Ugg owners out there: do they stand up to weather? Can you weatherproof them? And does that even work?!

I like to cook, but hate dealing with it after a long day at work. Hence, the slow cooker. And maybe a recipe book to get me started?


An infinity scarf. In any color in the rainbow.


And finally…

The thing on everyone’s list. The iPad. Truthfully, this isn’t actually on my list. I refuse to allow anyone to spend $500 on any one Christmas gift for me. But, I’ve got my sights on it and it’s possible I’ll take the plunge and get one soon. It’s the only thing that will make me consider reading an eBook.


All in all, not a bad list. Lots of things I need, a few things I want. We’ll see what Santa brings!



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4 responses to “Dear Santa

  1. uggs rule. i have 2 pairs, one i’ve had for about 4 or 5 years and the other about 2 years, and they can handle anything. there is some sort of suede spray you can use so they don’t get funky and discolored from the salt and dirt. i’d totally recommend having a pair, especially to throw on when walking to work or basically anywhere.

    mae is going to kill me for praising uggs. hah.

  2. As an Uggs owner I will tell you, don’t wear them in the snow. They are crazy warm and comfortable but do not withstand snow even with protectant on them. That’s where the sherling fails you. But I still endorse them.

  3. ria

    i’m the same way about meat, i don’t enjoy cooking it at all. it always grosses me out

  4. I didn’t love SATC2 either, but I definitely agree about having the complete collection!

    Everyone gives Uggs so much crap, but I think they look ridiculously warm and comfortable, so rock on!

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