A week or so ago, a “friend” called me a snob because I’d posted a tiny rant on Facebook about newbies at my yoga studio. I don’t really consider myself a snob, but I suppose there are a few things that do force my nose into a slightly upward position.

I know, it’s something that should be least likely to bring out the snobbery. But, because I’m shelling out some cash to take a yoga class, I expect a certain environment. I expect it to be hot. I expect it to be 60-75 minutes of a mix of meditation and sweating it out. I expect the instructor to work my body to the max. I expect it to be quiet, save the for instructor’s encouraging voice and the music. And yes, I do like to be around other people. If I didn’t need these things to feel like I’d gotten the most out of my practice, I’d stay home and do it myself.

What I don’t want? Fellow students who can’t stop talking and giggling during the entire class. Instructors who make too many jokes. One or two quips is just fine, but an entire class of stand-up comedy? Not so much.

I don’t typically spend a lot of money on clothes. I wear clothes until they die and when they do die, I’d like to spend as little as possible on replacements. The one exception to this is jeans. I’m a pretty petite gal. Small waist, non-existent hips, and relatively long legs. In magazines, I tend to look at the tips for “boyish figure”.

Unfortunately, most women have these things called hips and therefore, most pants are made to fit women who possess them. While I seem to have decent luck with dress pants, well-fitting jeans have always eluded me. I’d have a big gap in the waist, or they’d be too short or too baggy or some combination of the three.

Then, I found The Buckle. Most brands they carry measure by waist and inseam instead of the vague 2s and 6s and 10s of female sizing. The downside is that their brands are on the pricey side. Last week, I decided I needed some new jeans for work and wanted to avoid spending an insane amount of money. I also felt like maybe I was getting a bit too old for The Buckle. So, I tried Express and The Limited. Express’s jeans looked like shit on me and frankly, felt cheaply made. They were this strange mix of stretchy denim. I’m sorry folks, denim should not feel like spandex. (Obviously, I’m also a snob about my denim.)

After several attempts, I ended up back at The Buckle with a pair that not only looks my age, but is well made and will (hopefully) last me for years. Worth the extra cash in my world.

Restaurant Weeks
Metro Detroit has several restaurant weeks. My favorite is Detroit Restaurant Week, because there are some really amazing fine dining establishments in the city. Several suburbs have their own as well, and there’s one coming up in March. As a friend and I were planning our attack, I noticed that the majority of the restaurants were chains. Upscale chains, but chains nonetheless. I made a comment that I wanted to nix the chains — after all, why would I spend upwards of $35 to eat at a chain when there are so many locally-owned places? Why would I make a point of going to a chain when I can go to a chain anytime? To me, there’s something about a chain — upscale or not — that makes it less appealing. I made my case, but my friend still thought I was crazy.

Now that I’ve admitted to my snobby tendencies, I feel the need to share a few things I’m not a snob about:

I really hate shoe-shopping. The shoes I love and subsequently buy will inevitably leave me in a world of pain. I hate shelling out money for shoes unless it’s under $40. I couldn’t tell you the difference between a Manolo and a Choo. If I could live in my tennis shoes all the time, I probably would. My favorite pair of shoes is a $20 pair of red peep toe pumps that I bought at  Payless. And I’m more than OK with that.

The last eyeshadow I bought cost me a whopping $35 for 9 shades and I thought that was insane. Had I not had a free makeover that left me feeling extra fabulous, I would never have bought it. The rest of my make-up is from CVS and most of it doesn’t get worn on a daily — or weekly — basis.



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6 responses to “Snobbery

  1. I was in a yoga/pilates fusion class and had what appeared to be two miserable bitch housewives (no offense, housewives!) in the front row, literally talking 5 minutes into class while the instructor was telling us to relax and start to focus on our breath. They were literally just talking, loudly, as the rest of the room got silent and the instructor was getting into it. It was like they were thinking “oh we don’t feel like doing this part, we’ll join in once it gets hard.” I was so pissed. It totally fucked up the class for me because all I could think about was wrapping them up in their mats and launching them into the parking lot. Bitches.

    I try to be nice about people in yoga class but stuff like that is really disrespectful and pisses me off. Apparently not everyone is there for the right reason.

  2. I’ve gotten much snobbier about restaurants in the past 3 or 4 years. I get so annoyed when I’m meeting up with a friend and they suggest a chain restaurant–particularly if it’s somewhere I’ve never been and want to try something amazing and local!

  3. I love Detroit Restaurant Week. The boyfriend and I always get to eat at somewhere that would be out of our price range otherwise. What other cities have them? I thought it was just Detroit?

  4. You are not a snob about newbies at yoga. If so, I’m a snob then about newbies at my gym. They drive me crazy!!

  5. Rebecca

    you must let me know what yoga studio you go to..I’m trying out one now which is..ok.

    I feel like I can’t really comment since I’m a newbie.

    oohhh, and I can’t wait for Restaurant week! we weren’t able to go to any in the Fall and am thrilled to see the menus for the Spring!

  6. I’ve always hated women’s pants sizing as well. I do okay in the hips department but I have short Italian legs so it’s impossible to find the right length. If I get a normal size they end up fraying from my shoes and if I get the Short size they eventually shrink and become floods. I give up.

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