Super Outfit (and Super Girl) returns!

I’m breaking the blog silence to discuss something VERY important.

It’s not Casey Anthony. It’s not even the Royals’ impending USA tour. Because according to recent media, those two things are THE! MOST! IMPORTANT! EVAR!

I disagree. What’s most important to me these days? What to wear for our engagement photos.

We’re getting them taken in a few weeks and heading to Michigan State University to have them done. Both DD and I went there, and while we didn’t know each other in college, I figured that since we’ll have plenty of wedding photos in Detroit, we might as well get some additional photos at one of my other favorite places.

But, as per usual, I’m pretty stupid when it comes to fashion.

I’m really hoping not to buy a new outfit, but I suppose that’s an option. I’d like to have two outfits — jeans and then a dressier option. But of course, the original options I thought I’d selected just don’t look as good as I thought they did. Or, maybe it’s just me. So…enter YOU!

Without further ado…here’s the first few options. I could scrap the dresses and go for white or black capris in addition to the jeans. I love the wash and fit of these jeans, so I’m definitely wearing them, I just need to decide on a top!

Also, yes, the photos are bad. And yes, I did crop half my face out. I’m trying to maintain some semblance of anonymity on this thing, however futile it may be.


Option 1, the shirt dress. I really liked the idea of this. I like the way it fits on top, but sometimes it can look weird on the bottom. I’ll likely pair it with red pumps (as shown in the second photo) and would also likely try to find a red belt to go with it and break up the dress a bit — right now it just has a black belt that came with it.



Option 2, the pink, cotton dress. This is a late add after I wore Option 1 today and decided I maybe wasn’t totally sold. This is one of my go-to dresses for summer weddings, but I don’t think it’d be too formal for our photos. It’s summery and comfortable, but also has some bunching/static cling issues because of the fabric. Might be annoying to worry about during the photo shoot.

The jeans!

Option 1. This was my main plan and I’d pair the outfit with black slingbacks. But, if I wear the pink dress, it’d be way too much pink. Also, yes, I’d wear a tank top underneath…I’m not in this photo.

Option 2. A late add when the whole “too much pink” came up. I really like this shirt and I think it flatters me, but I’d hoped to go with more vibrant colors, like pinks, blues or greens.

Option 3. Just for fun. Similar to option 2, but a darker color. Again, if I go with the shirt dress, I wouldn’t do this since it’d be too much black. Honestly, I don’t think I’ll do this one anyway. While I like the shirt, it has a bubble hem that I’ve never loved.

What do you think? Should I scrap the dresses and try capris? And what shirt should I wear?!?!



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10 responses to “Super Outfit (and Super Girl) returns!

  1. Ursula

    I vote pink dress and bubble hem shirt. The black dress is too business – and the bubble hem shirt is super hip and shows off your awesome shoulders. Though, I have to admit, you really should sneak those red pumps in somewhere. They’re kind of signature you.

  2. Shirt dress and pink button up 🙂 I think the pink dress isn’t going to photograph as well as the shirtdress will–with the pops of red (especially if you do the red belt) I think the black dress will still be vibrant, and you won’t run the risk of clashing with your background or being too formal for the setting. Also in closeups you might look naked!

    I think the button up is the most flattering for your shape–in a photograph the bubble and looser fit of the second shirt might give the illusion of you being bigger than you are. And the jeans still keep it in a more neutral territory with the pink as your pop of color.

    And finally, both are timeless shapes and styles, so you won’t look back and feel cringy! Not that the other options are cringy at all, they just might not hold up as well over time 🙂 Good luck deciding!!

  3. Oops, meant to say in my first paragraph that with the strapless dress you might look naked, not the shirtdress!

  4. I vote for the pink dress (black dress looks too office-like to me), though Angela Noelle brings up a good point about using it only for panned out shots, so as to avoid the nekked issue.

    Shirts … well, I like the color of the pink shirt the best, but agree it’s too much pink if you go with the pink dress. The other two are ok … I think the lack of a fun color is what I can’t get beyond.

    And, finally, you’re telling me you’re allowed to take formal photos on MSU’s campus and NOT wear forest green? =)

  5. I vote pink dress and option 2 for jeans. Just make sure YOU feel comfortable because the photos are supposed to reflect you! And also make sure whatever your fiance wears doesn’t clash, haha 🙂 Can’t wait to see the photos!

  6. Option 1 for the dress and Option 2 for the jeans outfit. The shirt dress is flattering and classy and the shoes give it pep. The pink button-down shirt would be too much button-down if you wear the shirt-dress (as you should, because I say so), and the tan shirt in option 2 will add more color and contrast to those pics than the black top.

    And if you do not want the shirtdress, I will take it. I have a red one and love it. 🙂

  7. I really like the black bubble shirt with jeans. I don’t know crap about fashion but I always ask Mae for questions, if you want some outfit suggestions or advice on how to make an inexpensive/diverse outfit selection for the photos, you could always ask her. 🙂

  8. I know I’m behind so you’ll have to let me know what you chose! I like the pink dress, so perfect for spring.

  9. I’m late, but I love the pink dress and the shirt dress!

  10. Catching up on everything in the blogosphere so sorry for my late pick…Option 1 for the dress and Option 2 for the jeans outfit. 🙂

    Belated congrats on your engagement!

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