A Supergirl Recap

Today, I’m guest posting over at Tomorrow Is Another Day. Angela was so gracious to allow me to invade her space while she enjoys a vacation to one of two destinations, depending on the Air Force’s plane schedules. I’m anxious to hear about her travels, but in the meantime, head over there to weigh in on my honeymoon options!

For those of you who wandered this way courtesy of Angela’s place, welcome! I wish I could say I had some profound post to welcome you to this neck of the woods, but, well, I don’t. I swear I meant to, and then, well, shiz got busy.

Since I can’t put together a coherent original post, I thought it’d be a good idea to provide a little introduction on who I am, by way of a smattering of past posts. Hopefully that alone will entice you to add me to your reader, and I figured my regular readers might enjoy a little catch-up as well.

Some of the posts are a bit, um, old, which just goes to show how rare my posting has really gotten. Which just means if you add me to your reader, you can promise I won’t clog it daily. See? Glass. Half. Full.

So, who is Super Girl?

Well, I live in Detroit. Like in the city limits of Detroit. You know, south of Eminem’s infamous 8 Mile. I like to think this gives me street cred. (It doesn’t.)

I have three kidneys. Organ donation is cool, yo.

I’m getting married to a boy I call DD. It’s exciting and only slightly terrifying.

I used to work in a job that was killing my soul. Slowly. I traded that job — and the 4 block commute — for something that has improved my mental state, even though it adds 60 miles to my car 5 days a week.

I do yoga. “Do” is a fluid term, as I consider it a good week if I make it to class once. But, this one time I did a headstand. That was cool. (Sadly, it hasn’t happened since.)

So, that’s me. Who are you? Say hi, and make yourself at home.



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4 responses to “A Supergirl Recap

  1. Yeay for organ donation! My brother-in-law had a double lung transplant a few months ago so I’m really passionate about organ donation!*

  2. I think it’s wonderful you left your job for something you truly love and feel passionate about!

    I am seriously impressed you did a headstand in yoga! I’m nowhere close to that!

  3. Good for you that you took a leap and left the job that was killing your soul. Not many people have that source of courage. I admire that a lot!

    Also, I “do” yoga as well…as in…once a week is also a good week for me ha.

  4. I’m so glad you were able to leave the job that made you so unhappy! i did that too in 2010, it was seriously lovely, even though I was unemployed for like 6 months … le sigh.

    I do yoga – I go 5 times a week, and in the last 2 weeks I haven’t gone once and it’s KILLING ME.

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