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A Supergirl Recap

Today, I’m guest posting over at Tomorrow Is Another Day. Angela was so gracious to allow me to invade her space while she enjoys a vacation to one of two destinations, depending on the Air Force’s plane schedules. I’m anxious to hear about her travels, but in the meantime, head over there to weigh in on my honeymoon options!

For those of you who wandered this way courtesy of Angela’s place, welcome! I wish I could say I had some profound post to welcome you to this neck of the woods, but, well, I don’t. I swear I meant to, and then, well, shiz got busy.

Since I can’t put together a coherent original post, I thought it’d be a good idea to provide a little introduction on who I am, by way of a smattering of past posts. Hopefully that alone will entice you to add me to your reader, and I figured my regular readers might enjoy a little catch-up as well.

Some of the posts are a bit, um, old, which just goes to show how rare my posting has really gotten. Which just means if you add me to your reader, you can promise I won’t clog it daily. See? Glass. Half. Full.

So, who is Super Girl?

Well, I live in Detroit. Like in the city limits of Detroit. You know, south of Eminem’s infamous 8 Mile. I like to think this gives me street cred. (It doesn’t.)

I have three kidneys. Organ donation is cool, yo.

I’m getting married to a boy I call DD. It’s exciting and only slightly terrifying.

I used to work in a job that was killing my soul. Slowly. I traded that job — and the 4 block commute — for something that has improved my mental state, even though it adds 60 miles to my car 5 days a week.

I do yoga. “Do” is a fluid term, as I consider it a good week if I make it to class once. But, this one time I did a headstand. That was cool. (Sadly, it hasn’t happened since.)

So, that’s me. Who are you? Say hi, and make yourself at home.



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The decade where I found love, Part 2

Last we left, D and I were on an upswing and life was going well…

Read part 1 here.

2005 brought heartbreak when D and I called it quits in the summer. While struggling to figure out my next move, I reconnected with Mac, who lived a few miles away from my parents. Mac had always been in the picture, but with the on-again, off-again relationship with D, he didn’t stand much of a chance. When D and I finally ended it, I let Mac in. But for some reason I was still hesitant to go for it.

That November, while out celebrating the city’s holiday tree lighting festival, I had a 30 second meeting with DD. A friend introduced us, I thought he was attractive, and then quickly forgot about him when I left the bar a bit later.

Meanwhile, throughout 2005 Mac continued dating other girls, and in the winter of 2006, he met a young woman he really hit it off with. As you might guess, it was about then that I realized I wasn’t ready to give him up. I made a mad dash to claim him, and for the first time in nearly five years, he refused me.

The summer of 2006 brought a whirlwind relationship with a co-worker. He came out of nowhere and was the opposite of my typical man, but his wit won me over. I fell hard and quick and for a couple months, we were quite wrapped up in one another. A fight over nothing led to the demise of that relationship, but the drama would continue for months as we (well, I) struggled to figure out how to have an ex that was also a co-worker.

In the fall of 2006, I moved out of my parents house and lived with a roommate I found on Craigslist. One of my best roommate experiences thus far. I was also supposed to go to Italy that fall for my first trip out of the country. My friend and I got stranded for 24 hours in Dulles Airport, and had to reschedule.

In 2007, I finally made it to Italy. My friend and I spent 2 incredible weeks in Rome, Florence, and Venice, eating our weight in pasta and tiramisu.

A couple months later, a co-worker finally convinced me to meet a guy she’d been trying to set me up with for nearly a year. I walked into the bar that night and stood face-to-face with DD. Again.

There were a few casual get-togethers that month, though my shy demeanor was getting the better of me. DD persevered and we began dating.

That fall, we continued seeing each other, and I moved to my own place for the first time. DD and I had our issues, too. One week in October, he claimed he wanted space, and then called me days later asking me to meet his family for the first time. That Christmas, we went to his office party and proceeded to break up for about 5 minutes before he pleaded with me not to leave.

In 2008, DD and I seemed to work out our issues. We took our first big trip together. We shared the first “I Love You’s”. He came to my cousin’s wedding with me and met all of my extended family.

At work, I got promoted; a highlight of my career. My first real promotion.

Otherwise, the year was one of my most stable to date.

2009 was more of the same as DD became an extension of my family, and I of his. I moved to downtown Detroit to be closer to him and to work. We celebrated all of the major holidays together, from fourth of July barbecues to Labor Day picnics, navigating the waters of family commitments.

He and I ended 2009 by booking arrangements for a trip to Cabo in February 2010.

After a decade of first dates, blind dates, hopes for the future, and massive heart breaks, I think I finally found the love that I’m supposed to. Which makes the decade worth it.


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The decade where I found love, Part 1

The format was shamelessly stolen from Amy, but there are versions all over. You know, just in case you thought I was being original for a change!

As I reflect on the decade, I realize that there are many things I don’t remember, but the one thing I do remember is the men. It was this decade that I dated. This decade that I had my heart broken (many times). And this decade where I found someone who loved me for me. So while there are other things I reflect on, it’s the path to love that I’ll most remember. (God that sentence is schmoop-filled. Sorry.)

In 2000, I was finding my way as a college freshman at Michigan State University; one of some 40,000+ undergrads. It was hard at first, but by the turn of the millennium, I’d joined a little club that worked with the Admissions Office. I met a few friends, and formed stronger relationships with the ones I already had. I was also having a rather scandalous non-relationship with a certain wrestler. Scandalous because he had a girlfriend and I happened to not be her. Some people go crazy and get drunk every day when they get to college, I went crazy and fell for a taken man.

2001 brought a new job in the freshman orientation office, thanks to that little club I’d joined the year before. It also gave me a summer job at school. The off-limits man was still in the picture, much to the dismay of friends.

That fall also brought a new man in my life, we’ll call him Mac. Mac and I shared an evening class together, and every night he’d either walk or drive me home safely, trying his hardest to woo me. While I didn’t quite let him in, I also wasn’t completely prepared to let him go.

In 2002, despite the current state of the world, I moved to D.C. for a semester study. I worked at a little PR firm and lived on Capitol Hill in a house with 12 other girls (to call it a wannabe sorority house would be an understatement).  In between the fun of living in my favorite city, I was also deeply homesick. Every night, I talked to Mac on Instant Messenger and dreamt of coming home to him.

The summer brought me home to the same job I’d had with freshman orientation. Mac and I went out on one date, and I suddenly decided that he wasn’t the guy for me. Later in the summer, I reconnected with an old friend, D (not to be confused with DD).  Mac got further shoved aside as D and I became closer through the fall.

I also got some news in 2002. My kidneys had finally declined to the point that I needed to start the process for a transplant. Denial became the word that would best describe me.

2003 included good times and bad times with D. Break-ups, make ups, and everything in between. I went back to the same orientation job that had been so good to me, and watched many of my friends graduate that summer. In the fall, I went back for my final semester. I was handling a full load of classes and an internship. I lived alone in the dorms, and though I didn’t realize it, my illness was taking its toll. I wasn’t very social, and I consider that fall the low point of my college career. In December, I graduated and moved home.

January of 2004 brought my kidney transplant. The year before, my aunt had done the testing and found out she was a match. She flew to Detroit in the dead of winter and literally gave me a piece of herself. The first part of the year was filled with recovery and a healthy dose of depression as my college days became more and more distant and I struggled with self-confidence in my ability to get a “real” job.

In November, I finally got a job and things began looking up. My relationship with D was on an upswing and I thought we were headed down the aisle someday.

Stay tuned for part 2!


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Happy Bloggy Bday!

Exactly 365 days ago, on a whim after a long coffee/writing date with a friend, A Super Girl was born.

Since then, I’ve discussed everything from the crazy-crazy to the mundane.

I’ve visited a strip club for the first time — and ended up on stage.

I’ve taken the first vacay with DD and said the first I Love Yous.

I’ve survived the economic downtown (for now).

Through it all, you’ve been there (here?). Offering a comment of support, or simply reading and sending positive thoughts.

When I started this thing, I had high hopes of becoming “Internet famous”. After all, when you start publishing your work, isn’t that one of the reasons you do so?

A year later, I’m not so famous. My readership has increased, but only slightly. My piece of the Internet is a small piece, but it’s a comfortable piece. I know what it takes to be famous, but quite honestly? I just don’t have that kind of energy. I’m satisfied with this little blog and am so happy to have “met” all the people I have.

But I know I haven’t met all of you. Maybe you’re lurking in the corner, taking something away from the blogs I write, but never feeling motivated to say anything.

So in honor of a year of talking about myself to the vast Interwebs, here’s your chance. As you’ve read about the super fabulous life of this super girl, what’s been missing? What burning questions about me have you wondered? OK, maybe you’ve never wondered anything. Either way, make something up. Because I’m a comment whore like that.

Whether you comment on every post or have never stepped out of the corner, it’s an un-official de-lurking day up in here.

Gimme your best questions and I’ll give you my best answers.


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An unpopular confession

I hate St. Patrick’s Day.

It’s not the holiday, perse. I love the color green, don’t have any issues with the Irish, and am always looking for a reason to celebrate something. I guess it’s the way in which this particular holiday is celebrated. The early bar day? Ugh. The green beer? Eww.

Don’t get me wrong. I welcome the chance to have fun and celebrate. But to do it by drinking myself into oblivion? Not so much.

It’s not that I don’t like alcohol. A bottle of wine is a great way to unwind. A good martini or rum and coke is a welcome drink to sip on. But getting wasted is just not my thing anymore. Neither is beer. I liked it in college when it was cheap. But now it just makes me feel bloated and sick after just one glass.  Now that I have expendable income, I’d much rather pay a little extra to have a glass of wine or a cocktail and avoid the icky beer feeling. But those options don’t work so well with green food coloring.

I really think my hatred of St. Patty’s Day stems from my general hatred of bars. And that hatred has many reasons, best conveyed in list form:

  1. They up my risk for lung cancer. Here in Michigan we haven’t yet adopted the forward-thinking so many other fair cities have by outlawing smoking in public venues. This alone often makes me consider moving. I hate how I smell after the bar, I hate inhaling others’s bad habits (I don’t care if you do it, I just don’t want to be an unwilling participant), and I hate the feeling of not being able to breathe clean air for long periods of time.
  2. They require me to dress up. And often wear heels. Which I don’t do so well. Just this past weekend, I made the poor decision of wearing 3″ heels out. They looked good with the outfit and kept my jeans from dragging. Except the bar we went to was packed and I found myself standing for 3 hours. Even if I wore tennis shoes, it’d be painful for me to stand for 3 hours. Which leads me to…
  3. They’re packed. And loud. I enjoy meeting up with friends for a drink,  if we can sit down and have an actual conversation. I do not enjoy standing for long periods of time. I do not enjoy having to press my lady bits against strangers as I force my way through the crowd to take a pee. And I do not enjoy the inability to speak the next day because my friends and I had to yell at each other to have a conversation.
  4. They require me to be up past my bed time. And I’m too old for that shit. I can handle 1 or 2 a.m. if I’m just sitting around relaxing. I can’t handle it if I’m inhaling smoke, wearing heels, AND yelling over the din. It all makes me very tired, very quickly.

I think I’m in the minority with this  hatred. My boyfriend loves the bar and is looking forward to the annual St. Patty’s Day bar crawl his friend’s brother throws in Chicago. All of his friends also love a good bar night. My friends are a little less barfly-esque, but as 20-somethings, it’s still a common meeting place.

Obviously, my penchant is not for bars and St. Patrick’s Day really is the epitome of bar love. So I guess over the years I’ve decided the holiday just isn’t for me.

So while the boy is trekking to Chicago this weekend to drink heavily and pretend to be Irish for a day, I will be staying home. While you guys are out enjoying green beer and plastic leprechaun hats on Tuesday, I will (hopefully) be working. (Side note: I find out on Monday if I still have a job. How brutal is it that they’re hanging it over our heads for the weekend? Well, really, the past three months and a weekend. Ugh.)

Maybe I’ll at least don a plastic leprechaun hat. Those are fun.


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An interview with A Super Girl

This little meme has been going around the blogosphere of late, so I finally asked the lovely blogger to my north, Kyla Bea, to include me in the loop.

First, The Rules:

1. If you want to participate, leave me a comment saying, “Interview me.” (And your e-mail address, please.)
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Kyla Bea picked some excellent questions to ask, hopefully my answers are equally as excellent!

The Questions:

1. You’ve been planning a trip that was recently cancelled- if you could go on any vacation where would you go and for how long? Please assume that I have given you enough money so that you are independently wealthy, because I’m charming like that. Also please assume that anywhere you go will have the swim up bar you’ve been dreaming of.

First off, love this question! Yes, my swim-up pool bar dreams have temporarily been put on hold. However, if Kyla Bea were generous enough to give me a ton of money, I probably wouldn’t go for the swim up bar. Instead, I’d pick Europe. Because that’s way more expensive, and I’ve learned that if someone else is paying, it’s best to pick the most expensive thing on the menu! I’ve been to Europe once, to Italy, and I’m kind of getting the hankering to go back. Recently, I’ve been thinking Greece should be next and I’d just love it if someone could finance that little trip.

2. You’re an army brat. Where have you lived, and which place did you like the best?

As an Army brat, I lived in some pretty boring locales. Suburbs of Detroit, MI; Manhattan, KS (the Little Apple, it says so on the town water tower…); Ft. Leavenworth, KS (known for a rather menacing-looking federal prison with real bison in the prison yard); and Northern Virginia, outside of Washington, D.C. Outside of Ft. Leavenworth, my family lived in each of these cities twice over my dad’s 20+ years as an Army officer.

Of these places, I’d say I loved living outside of Detroit (the second time) the best. We lived on an air guard base and there were lots of kids my age in the neigborhood. On base there was also a community pool, a movie theater, and even a grocery store and dept. store. Second up would be Manhattan, KS. Super cute little town.

However, my favorite place to live overall was not part of my Army brat life. In college, I spent a semester in Washington D.C., living on Capitol Hill. While I was incredibly homesick, I really liked the lifestyle. The lack of a car, the mass transit, and the lively urban environment were right up my ally.

3. Do you have any comfort or indulgences built into your weekly routine? What are they, and how do they help you?

This is a toughy. I suppose I would have to say my space. Being an only child, I’m used to being alone and if I don’t get that alone time to sit around and do nothing, I get a little cranky. Which is why if I have to do something after work, I try to limit it to one thing (instead of a million errands) and try to stay home once I get home. Veg time is critical to my sanity.

 4. You’ve lived alone for a year – did you learn anything surprising from that time? Would you do it again?

Yes and Yes! I’ve learned a lot living alone…mainly that I can do it 🙂 It’s helped me be slightly more assertive, thanks to my awesomely useless landlord. It’s also helped me be slightly more independent.

Some negatives I’ve taken from it is the fear. When I get home late at night, I check all the closets to make sure there’s not some lurker. I also wake up at night to the tiniest sound. Paranoid, I know, but living alone has made me more aware/worried about potential break-ins or perils that might arise while I’m solo…for example, the time I fell down in the shower and nearly broke my arm.

With that said, I would definitely do it again. I think it’s important to have the experience of having to depend on yourself for entertainment, solace, and everyday necessities like cooking and cleaning. Also, total control of the remote is kind of awesome. And luckily, I have supportive parents that come to the rescue when things break, and friends and a boyfriend to come to the rescue when I need to be around people!

5.  If you could exist at another age for as long as you wanted, what age would you choose and why

Another toughy! Honestly, I’m pretty happy at the age I am now, so it might be nice to remain here a while longer. At 27, I have my youth, but also my independence. I’m self-sufficient, and lack the barriers (i.e. house, kids, pets) to being able to do what I want, like travel on a moment’s notice. Also, as far as health goes, it’d be nice to freeze where I’m at. I’ve had my transplanted kidney 5 years, and the average transplant lasts 15-20. It’d be nice if I never had to get to the far end of average, because I really am not looking forward to going through the whole transplant thing again.

Having not experienced ages above 27, it’s hard to say if I’d want to be older. I might like to make a bit more money, but isn’t that a complaint at any age? I do know I don’t want to be younger. Sure, I miss college, but I enjoy being able to support myself (with the occasional help from the fam!). All in all, I’m probably the happiest I’ve been in quite some time.

OK…who’s next?!


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Brought to you by the letter G

Ria tagged me, or should I say I tagged myself for this little ditty, thinking it’d be fun. That’s until she gave me the letter G…which, guess what? Is hard as hell. Thanks, Ria 🙂

I suppose you’re wondering the premise:

You leave a comment on this post, and I’ll assign you a letter. You write about ten things you love that begin with your assigned letter, and post it at your place. When people comment on your list, you give them a letter, and the chain continues on and on.

Without further adieu, here’s my list, all starting with the letter G, as bequethed to me.

  1. Google. Seriously, I don’t know what we ever did without it.
  2. Green. Go right through for MSU… thanks to my alma mater, I bleed green. Good thing I’ve always liked the color.
  3. Grey’s Anatomy. Lame but true. Except for the whole Denny story line that’s going on these days. I could get behind it if this was like a soap opera and he had legitimately come back from the dead. But otherwise? He needs to go.
  4. Grand Haven. Where my good friend makes her home and thus where my summer home is located. Best place for a nap on the beach, which I take annually.
  5. Goat cheese. Any cheese, really. But that particular one begins with a  G. And I like it, so it works.
  6. Giggling. I’m definitely a giggler.
  7. Getaways. Currently planning one for February, despite DD’s hesitancy to take one in this uncertain economy. You know what I say to that? Boooooooo.
  8. Garlic. The smell of fresh garlic cooking in the kitchen is like coming home for me.
  9. Gossiping. Yes, deep down, it’s that simple. I’m always looking for the next piece of juicy gossip.
  10. Girls Nights. My friends and I don’t get to have them nearly enough.

Whew, that wasn’t as hard as I thought it’d be.

If I can do it, so can you. If you want to try, leave a comment and let me know. I’ll send you a letter!


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