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Super Outfit (and Super Girl) returns!

I’m breaking the blog silence to discuss something VERY important.

It’s not Casey Anthony. It’s not even the Royals’ impending USA tour. Because according to recent media, those two things are THE! MOST! IMPORTANT! EVAR!

I disagree. What’s most important to me these days? What to wear for our engagement photos.

We’re getting them taken in a few weeks and heading to Michigan State University to have them done. Both DD and I went there, and while we didn’t know each other in college, I figured that since we’ll have plenty of wedding photos in Detroit, we might as well get some additional photos at one of my other favorite places.

But, as per usual, I’m pretty stupid when it comes to fashion.

I’m really hoping not to buy a new outfit, but I suppose that’s an option. I’d like to have two outfits — jeans and then a dressier option. But of course, the original options I thought I’d selected just don’t look as good as I thought they did. Or, maybe it’s just me. So…enter YOU!

Without further ado…here’s the first few options. I could scrap the dresses and go for white or black capris in addition to the jeans. I love the wash and fit of these jeans, so I’m definitely wearing them, I just need to decide on a top!

Also, yes, the photos are bad. And yes, I did crop half my face out. I’m trying to maintain some semblance of anonymity on this thing, however futile it may be.


Option 1, the shirt dress. I really liked the idea of this. I like the way it fits on top, but sometimes it can look weird on the bottom. I’ll likely pair it with red pumps (as shown in the second photo) and would also likely try to find a red belt to go with it and break up the dress a bit — right now it just has a black belt that came with it.



Option 2, the pink, cotton dress. This is a late add after I wore Option 1 today and decided I maybe wasn’t totally sold. This is one of my go-to dresses for summer weddings, but I don’t think it’d be too formal for our photos. It’s summery and comfortable, but also has some bunching/static cling issues because of the fabric. Might be annoying to worry about during the photo shoot.

The jeans!

Option 1. This was my main plan and I’d pair the outfit with black slingbacks. But, if I wear the pink dress, it’d be way too much pink. Also, yes, I’d wear a tank top underneath…I’m not in this photo.

Option 2. A late add when the whole “too much pink” came up. I really like this shirt and I think it flatters me, but I’d hoped to go with more vibrant colors, like pinks, blues or greens.

Option 3. Just for fun. Similar to option 2, but a darker color. Again, if I go with the shirt dress, I wouldn’t do this since it’d be too much black. Honestly, I don’t think I’ll do this one anyway. While I like the shirt, it has a bubble hem that I’ve never loved.

What do you think? Should I scrap the dresses and try capris? And what shirt should I wear?!?!



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Super Outfit! Volume 1

A new feature! Although I just got a new camera, and let me just say it’s a pain in the ass for taking self-photos, so it may be a short-lived feature if the pics continue to turn out as crappy as some of these did!

But…on to the feature!

I’m pretty fashion-dumb. Whether it’s choosing what goes with what or what’s appropriate to wear in a certain season or to a certain function, I’m pretty clueless. That’s where you come in! From time to time, I have occasions come up where I need fashion advice. I’ve noticed the Internets seem to be kind to other bloggers, so I’ve decided to join the ranks of self-photo takers across the land. I’ll present several options, please tell me your favorite in the comments! This is also an excellent opportunity for all you lurkers out there to come out of hiding and help me look semi-fashionable.

For Volume 1, I have a dinner event to attend. DD is being promoted, and there’s a dinner for all the promotees at the TPC Michigan (that’s Tournament Players Club where the pro golf tours go, for all you non-golfers like myself). So, think country club chic. It’s on a Tuesday night, after work. It’s the end of September, in that tricky space between summer and fall. People attending will be a lot of accountants, including firm partners, managers, and their guests. 

I’ve devised several wardrobe options. I don’t just want to go with an ordinary pants suit that I’d wear any old Tuesday…but then again, is a dress too much for a dinner on Tuesday night? Plus, I’m not much of a country clubber, so I really have no idea what’s appropriate.

Let’s look at dresses first, shall we?

Option 1:

Business attire with a touch of sweet

Business attire with a touch of sweet

This dress is actually made of a suit material, making it appropriate for work when worn with a cardy. I like pairing it with this champagne cardy and champagney-pink heels for a touch of sweetness. But is it too sweet? And too summery for late Sept.?
Option 2:
Flowers abound

Flowers abound

I love this dress and luckily it’s strechy because I’ve had it for many years. First bought for a wedding (Hi TrendyCamper!), it’s a great summer dress that DD hasn’t seen yet. I would probably accessorize it with red shoes and a red wrap. Is it perfect for a dinner on the links? Or still too summery?
Option 3:
Unwrap this number

Unwrap this number

I heart this wrap dress. The long sleeves make it appropriate for the season, and I tend to pair it with red peep-toe pumps, which sasses it up a bit. Can also be casual or dressy, which is appropriate for an event at a vague locale like a golf course. But, it’s so versatile I wear it all the time and I feel like DD might like a change of pace.
And now, on to the skirts.
Option 4:
Pink power

Pink power

This pencil skirt is my fave. You know how you have certain clothes that make you walk a certain way? This skirt does that. And I like the hot pink and brown. Another love are the boots, which are the shoe version of clothes that make you walk a certain way. They put that extra sass in my step (when I’m not tripping over the heel). But, do the short sleeves make it too summery? Are those boots too sassy for those conservative accountants?
Option 5:
Cardies are always appropo

Cardies are always appropo

Same skirt, same boots, new cardy. Appropriate for fall, and the cardy is quite bright and flattering to the figure. I’m kind of leaning toward this, but is it too boring? Do I need to be more dressy and less business-ey?
Option 6:
Flowers and cleavage

Flowers and cleavage

This is the newest outfit of the bunch, and hasn’t been worn yet. It was a gift and when I first tried it on, it felt a bit unflattering. Upon re-evaluation, it’s gaining on Option 5 in my book. I would obviously wear a cardy with it, and I like the cleavage it provides, but is it too much? And is it still to business-ey with a run-of-the-mill black skirt?
So? What do you think?


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