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I seem to be seriously lacking in the motivation category lately. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Exercise. I’ve at least had some form of exercise in the past couple weeks, but not with any sort of routine or regularity.

Eating. I have been eating, but again, not in any meaningful way with, you know, nutrition, in mind.

Cleaning. Seriously, I’ve got laundry piled up from weeks ago and my place needs a general overhaul. Yet what did I do on Friday night when I was actually home for a change? Absolutely nothing.

Seducing. It has been, shall we say, weeks since I got laid. Now, don’t get me wrong, DD and I aren’t daily people anyway, but weeks? Weeks is a new low. I know it’s an issue, and in some ways, the dry spell is blamed on some health issues I was (and still am) having. But in other ways, it’s just a dry spell that neither of us seem quick to fix. Bless his heart, he doesn’t seem to be running for the hills. But, with each passing day, all the sex we’re not having becomes more and more apparent to me. I want to fix this in theory, but seem unmotivated to do so in reality. And I think DD is playing off of my general apathy, making us a VERY unmotivated couple.

I’m not really sure what to attribute this overall lack of motivation to. Perhaps the lack of sexy time is affecting the rest of my game. Perhaps the constant go-go-go of this summer has finally worn me down and I need a few weeks of nothing (and I apparently mean nothing) to recover.

I have a feeling it’s a combination of the two. Every once in awhile, DD and I go through these dry spells (though never this long, GOOD GOD). It’s like we both get comfortable and focused on other things and “it” simply gets forgotten. Then at some point, one of us (usually me) takes the bull by the horns and forces the issue, and just like that we’re over the hump, so to speak.

Then there’s the go-go-go. Since I moved, it’s been non-stop. So much so that I still haven’t had the chance to find my new routine in my new home. Between the work life and the social life, everything else is falling by the wayside.

I think I finally realized how much this summer has taken its toll on me when I came home on Friday, without any plans for the first time since I can remember, and promptly fell asleep. And then woke up and remained on my couch, unable to move, for the rest of the evening.

My body doesn’t do well without rest. I know so many people who can constantly go and somehow stay abuzz. They’re the true social butterflies. Me? I can do it for only so long before my body says enough. Usually that enough is coupled with a cold, which I’m currently fighting, and an excessive need to rest to make up for all the rest I haven’t been getting.

I think I’m finally past most of the go-go-go of the summer. The temps are dropping and I can smell fall in the air. While it’s been a great summer, I’m looking forward to a new season and a chance to hit refresh.



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Lessons from the couch

My brain is not quite back to its normal coherence level, but I figured I would attempt to do something productive. Not that taking permanent root on your couch with a pile of Kleenex isn’t productive, but it’s just a different kind of productive.

Anyway, as my Tweets have described, I am sick. And thanks to my awesomely bad kidneys, I’m really not supposed to take lifesavers the rest of you get to enjoy like decongestants and such. Basically, I’m limited to Tylenol for any ache, pain or common cold. Which has always worked just fine, until this past August when I took some for a headache and found myself with a really weird allergic reaction. Which means I’ve decided to conquer this common cold completely drug-free.


But, three days later (five since the cold actually started), I seem to be coming out of the worst of the symptoms and have learned a few lessons along the way:

  • That whole thing about drinking lots of fluids? A wives’ tale. I do not feel it is making the cold pass any quicker.
  • Honestly, drugs? Really don’t do much. I feel about the same as I do when I did take drugs for a cold.
  • I must always live within driving distance of my mother so she can make me our family’s homemade soup. Because that’s a true cure for the common cold, yet I don’t know how to make it. Besides, if I’m sick in bed, why would I spend a day cooking homemade soup? It’s much easier to drive a half hour in a snow storm to eat it at mom’s.
  • Blowing your nose? Also useless. The only thing that provides any relief is laying on your side. Lay on the left side, clear the right side of your stuffy head. Lay on the right, clear the left. All this really means is that I’ve spent the last three days tossing from side to side.
  • A cold is a sure thing to kick your exercise routine into high gear. After Thanksgiving, I was all about the gym. For a day. And then I got sick. Now, my gym bag sits by my door, ready to go, and I just stare longingly at it. It’ll probably be another week by the time I get myself back there. Booo.
  • West Wing DVDs are an excellent way to make the time on your couch spent blowing your brains out (and NOT in a pleasant way), pass by. I’m currently working my way through Season Six.
  • December is the worst time to get sick. So much to do, and here I sit on my couch. My Charlie Brown tree isn’t up, my shopping isn’t started, and I couldn’t even get my shit together to wrap my dad’s birthday present (his birthday was a week ago). Oops.

Tonight my goal is to actually sleep in my bed instead of the couch and sleep through the night.

Shooting for the stars, I know, but I’m feeling good about it.


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The one with pictures of bras

Due to my current blogging block, I’ve seriously considered regurgitating posts from my days as a MySpacer. After all, 99.9999% of you have never read them. But that wouldn’t really be a good blogging practice, now would it?

However, I realized there was one blog topic from the good old days that could use some input from this blogosphere.

And that topic? Is about bras. Strapless bras to be exact.

I’ve been thinking about this since mcgee wrote a post mentioning strapless bras, because they present quite an undergarment conundrum. I had just discovered her blog and was so excited that I could offer her the same strapless bra nirvana I’d found just two short years ago (and subsequently blogged about on MySpace). I rushed over to the Web site, which of course I’d favorited, and prepared to send her the link. I could only gasp in disbelief as the site loaded and I saw the dreaded:

Sorry, this style is no longer available.

Why, oh why, did I only buy one? It took me months of searching and a trip all the way to the Australian Internets to find that bra. And it’s fabulous. With this revelation, I’ve moved from blogging odes about fabulous Australian bras, to searching for a replacement. 

First, let’s look at the many options available to the women of today. All photos were taken from Bare Necessities. In my 10+ years of experience with this undergarment, I’ve found 4 or 5 standard styles:

Option 1:

Your typical underwire strapless

The vanilla version

This is of course the most common and ranges in varying plunge lines and push-up-ness. However, I don’t understand how it could possibly be popular. The only pro is that is has underwire, which is critical for me. But, they say it goes up to a G cup, yet my C’s have never had any luck keeping one of these up. It slips, it slides, and it gaps out so there’s an inevitable space between the lovely ladies and the top of the bra. Doesn’t really work for that whole seamless look I strive for. Variations of this bra also include degrees of push-up, which I could really do without. I feel that just gives less space for the actual ladies to breathe, and makes me look pornographic. Which is fine, just not at fancy cocktail parties with accountants.

Option 2:

The lovely bandeau

The lovely bandeau

Ah, the bandeau. How I love thee. You are very seamless, and you get rid of that whole pesky slipping and gapping thing with your elastic on the bottom AND top. However, 99% of every bandeau bra I see lacks underwire. And for me, that’s a dealbreaker.

Option 3:

The suffocator

The suffocator

Yes, the model looks all smiley and happy, but that’s just because she can’t exhale to move her mouth into a different position. They call it a long-line, maybe to make you think it’s slimming you up into one “long line” while keeping the ladies perky. The last time I wore a bra like this was my junior prom and that’s not long enough. My stomach needs to breathe y’all, and with this bra I’d love the slimming and perking factor right up to the moment I eat a piece of popcorn. And then I’d have to run screaming from the room and tear it off because the popcorn digestion process would have exceeded the allowable space of my bra.

Option 4:

The sticky one

The sticky one

I think this one, like, sticks to you. I’ve never tried a version of this type, but I can only assume it also sags with you if you’re much more than an A cup. My ladies deserve some perk (but not too much perk; see the vanilla one, above). Plus, I’m entirely too low maintenance to un-adhere my bra after a long night on the town. At that point, all I can muster is having DD take it off for me because I can’t be bothered to reach around and undo the hooks. And to be honest, he’s not so good with the hooks, so I’m sure something that sticks to me would be an even more difficult concept for him to grasp.
Option 5:
The combination pack

The combination pack

This is the closest I found to the fabulous Australian strapless bra that I’m currently looking to replace. It’s got the underwire and the bandeau. It doesn’t suffocate, and it’s easily removable. However, my bra doesn’t have the oddly separated boob pockets that this one does. So that’s turning me off a bit. But ideally, this is the type of bra I strive for. Without the boob pockets.
Ah well, I guess it’s back to the drawing board and long nights of looking at pictures of women in varying states of being strapped in. To their bras, that is. Help me avoid it by suggesting a strapless bra you love. 
And stay tuned for tomorrow, when I’ll introduce a new feature: Super Outfit! In which a strapless bra may or may not be used. 


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