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I am behind

  • In blog maintenance. I have thoughts of posts on politics, unemployment (not mine thank goodness), and a host of other things. But the focus and time is, as I’ve mentioned, lacking.
  • In work. So many little projects that my head is spinning. I’ve got to learn how to prioritize better. It doesn’t help that I’ve got one big project that had my eyes bugging out at my boss today at her ridiculousness. Not that all she’s wanting to do on the project aren’t great ideas, but there’s a difference between what’s a great idea and what’s realistic to pull off in 2 weeks. But when I say this, she calls me too “glass half empty”, like it’s a bad thing. I think that in a nonprofit world, approaching things from a realistic standpoint is a good thing. Somehow, I still end up on the wrong side of the debate. And on the innundated side of work. Which doesn’t help my relationship with my art director. Luckily he rolls with the punches, but I have a feeling if I call out his name needing something one more time as I’m running to and from my desk between meetings, he may punch me.
  • In book club. Less than a week a way. A couple hundred pages left to read. The book is good, but it’s slow and takes focus, which again, has been hard to find. I hate not finishing the book. But unless I get serious reading time in this weekend, it’ll probably happen.
  • In life. Laundry’s been sitting out for almost a week. My overnight bag has yet to be unpacked from yesterday. Dishes are piled up from the past week. Luckily it’s not a lot of dishes because I haven’t been cooking much, because I’m also behind in grocery shopping.
  • In blogland. I’ve got 5 new-to-me bloggers who I’ve been waiting to start reading for weeks. I just haven’t had time to dig into their blogs. And their unread post counts keep going up and up, making the prospect of reading their blogs even more daunting.

I love being busy and get mad when someone tries to help me by taking something off my plate…but at the same time, I need a frickin’ break already.

Crazy, I know.



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Yes, I’m alive. No, I’m not a multi-tasker

Hello world. Miss me much?

I seem to be getting increasingly bad at this whole keeping up a blog thing. Most of my favorite bloggers post every day. Me? I can’t even get on a weekly schedule. I could tell you I’ve been working my skinny little ass off, but that’s not a very good excuse.

The real reason? I’m just shitty at multi-tasking. 

It often boggles my mind that others with more on their plates still find time to blog every. single. day. Single mothers who have kids and jobs. Women my age who work full time and plan their weddings. College students with mounds of homework on top of jobs that pay the bills. And me? I’ve just got a job. No kids, no homework, no major life events to plan. Not to mention the fact that my man is away 5 out of 7 days of the week, so you can’t even really count my relationship as “getting in the way”.

So what gives?

Even though the majority of my blogs are a brain dump, written from my stream of consciousness, they still require time. Time to sit down and focus. Or, more accurately, time to not be focused on other things.

That’s my problem, I guess, all the “other things” that tie up my day and require focus. I’m learning that I can’t watch a new TV episode or one of my Netflix finds while doing something else that requires focus — like blogging. I’m no longer able to listen to the TV with my ears and surf the web with my eyes. My brain just can’t handle all those inputs. Sad, but oh so true.

It’s also a matter of my day job I suppose. Every day, I sit at my desk and write. Words that become sentences and eventually turn into paragraphs. Key messages that get plugged into various assignments. Part of my job is to write and you know what? When I get home at the end of the day, the last thing I want to do is come up with more words. 

And part of it is a lack of blog fodder. I used to use the drama in my life as blog content. But these days, there’s just no drama. And I just don’t know what to do with myself! But if I’m going to keep attempting to build a blog, I should probably reframe how I think about the content and find something to talk about on a regular basis.

But that would take focus and energy. And remember, I’m not a multi-tasker. Nor an energetic sort.

What all of this is is just an explanation of where I’ve been. And where I’ll probably still be sometimes. I may never be an every day blogger. When I started blogging, it was out of enjoyment and I didn’t feel pressured to be constantly up-to-date. Now, I’m feeling some self-inflicted pressure. Eventually I’ll find my rhythm and get back to the enjoyment of blogging. In the meantime, follow my tweets, because I’m definitely keeping up with that.


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Guest poster for hire!

I’m not a fan of double posting in a day, but this just couldn’t wait.

I’m a guest poster! For my ex-boyfriend, no less! If having the ability to set aside your differences and post sarcastic comments about Lance Bass on your ex’s blog makes you a good guest poster, than I am definitely the best! That or I’m just a sucker for new potential blog hits.

So, as you may have surmised, my ex, a.k.a Suneil, writes a humor blog poking fun at Lance Bass. So, my first guest post ever had to be about Lance Bass. As a recovering Backstreet Boy addict, I had to get over my initial disdain with the topic area, and post my best attempts at sarcasm. You’ll be able to find them today and tomorrow over at Obviously Lance.

If you want to see Suneil’s writing in its true form though, you should check out his personal blog: The Years Keep Passing Me By. His comments about his real life are even more entertaining than his ability to ridicule a former boy band-er.

And if you ever need a guest poster, I hope you’ll clearly realize I’m your girl. Well, at least I hope you’ll look past the fact that I had to write about Lance Bass and then clearly realize I’m your girl. I swear I can talk about other things, like being mauled by a stripper.

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Look at me now!

Things are changing up in here. For starters, I finally got off my bum and picked a new theme so that I could use my own header. I’ve been wanting to have my header be a skyline shot of Detroit for awhile now, and I finally remembered to snap a shot, and then finally got around to messing with WordPress and getting it up. Voila!

It’s making me very excited and my thought is that I’ll upload a new photo header every week (or so), and dedicate a blog post to where the photo was taken or what it means to me.

This week’s photo was taken from my car during my morning commute. I can’t put on make-up while driving, but I take a mean photo!. It’s taken on Woodward Ave., which is a main artery of Southeastern Michigan and boasts being the first mile of paved concrete road — ever — in the world. Sometimes, the potholes remind me of just how old that damn road is.

Anyway, because construction sucks balls my usual freeway exit is closed, I’ve resorted to driving the 15ish miles to work straight down Woodward from my suburban downtown to the real downtown. I absolutely love the point in the commute where this particular shot comes into view. It showcases some of downtown’s skyscrapers from a different view than the oh-so-overshot view across the river from Windsor, Canada.

I’m really hoping this new photo header turned blog topic sparks some blog fodder, because lately I’ve been suffering severe blog block. If the block doesn’t end soon, I may have to start stealing topic ideas, like this guy’s. Actually, I love the idea he came up with, so I may still honor it by doing something similar, but not the same. Is that so wrong? 

With the theme change complete, there are a couple other things in the works, namely some new pages with an updated blogroll and awards that prove just how super I am, as well as completing my 101 things. So please forgive any dust as I get it all set.

Something else I’ve been thinking about is a name change because, well, duh, Supergirl is a trademarked name and as I work to grow my readership past 10, I should probably think about changing it. Honestly, I didn’t even think of this when I started the blog (yes I’m a little slow). But last week I had a potential legal issue arise at work not related to the blog, but it’s still made me quite the hyper-sensitive chica.

Problem is, I really don’t want to change the web address, because that’s just a hassle. So what I’ve decided to go with is A Super Girl and use the same web address. Yeah, I know, it’s not as cool as just being Supergirl, but it is cooler than being thrown in the copyright jail.  Those white-collar criminals can be scary. I’ll probably become “a super girl” in all your comments as well, just so you’re not confused when you see me pop up next.

And I think that’s all from the land of blog maintenance. Whew, I’m tired!


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