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An un-laboring Labor Day

And now for yet another weekend re-cap!

Actually, I was going to post a new header and accompanying story, but I just like my current header so much, so it may have to become a monthly thing. Or a never-changing thing.

New header or not, the weekend was fab. Friday was basically a wasted day, especially with my team’s quarterly mystery trip set for that afternoon. It’s something my boss loves, and I will never admit it to her, but I like them too. It’s a great way to get out of the office and socialize with coworkers, most of whom I really like.

Friday’s trip ended up being to the Detroit Bar, which was OK. No one was really there, but it gave us the opportunity to play the typical bar games and just hang out together for a bit. There was a possiblity of meeting up with DD after work, so I proceeded to drink rum & cokes like the well rum would dry up come 5 p.m. Because seeing him somehow meant we would be staying downtown, which meant I wouldn’t have to drive. But when the event finally ended around 5, I realized I had no clue what DD and I were doing that night, and there was a very real possibility I would have to drive home. Which I wasn’t in a condition for.

I decided to ignore that little detail and proceeded on to Enoteca with my boss, a coworker, and a former coworker. Where four of us split 2 bottles of wine. As a side note, this is the second time I’ve been to Enoteca, and I do love it. Mainly because of the wine. And the cheese. But alas, there was no cheese to be had thanks to a limited menu, which can be blamed on the Jazz Fest. It’s great that the Jazz Fest brings people downtown all that crap, but it’s not great when the restaurants limit their menus so I can’t enjoy my favorite meals. Because of that, I had to settle for a piece of italian sausage to keep up with alcohol intake, and while it was good, it was not gourmet cheese. I still proceeded to take in my fair share of cabernet, which means this lightweight was pretty much done for by the time we rolled out of there at 7:30.

While at Enoteca, I’d heard from DD, who still had no idea what the plans were for the evening. Knowing that now I really couldn’t drive, I wobbled the few blocks to his place and proceeded to fall on his couch. Where he laughed at my unusual state of drunken-ness and made me pizza. While I was ready to snuggle in and watch coverage of the Republicans falling apart at the seams  Republican VP pick, DD had other plans. So off we went to yet another bar, in the ‘burbs. I proceeded to sober up so DD could drink and I could drive his ass back to my place where we fell into bed well after 2 a.m.

After a few short hours of sleep, we got up to drive across the mitten to Grand Haven, where my summer home is friends live. DD and I did it last year, too, and had fun, so I thought this might be a nice tradition to start. A little beach time, a little relaxation, a lot of what we both need. However, I could tell on the way up there that DD was none to happy about going this year. I don’t blame him, he’s been traveling every week for work since June, and our weekends have been filled with weddings, trips, and family obligations. There hasn’t been much time for him to take care of the homefront.

While I thought this would be a good way to get away from all that, I know he would have rather stayed home. I felt bad and was hoping it wouldn’t turn into an issue, but then we got there and headed for the beach where he proceeded to fall asleep for two hours. But not before whispering to me “This was a good idea, I’m glad we did this.”

Ah, sweet satisfaction.

While he was sleeping, I caught up with my friends, we frolicked in the lake and I took a lot of stupid pictures, like these:

Those would be my white-ass legs/feet creeping into the lake.

Those would be my white-ass legs/feet creeping into the lake.

This was going to be my header...except better. It just wasn't working and I was sick of looking like an idiot trying to take a stupid picture!

This was going to be my header...except better. Just couldn't make it work 😦

Sunday we drove home. Uneventful except for the slow leak in one of DD’s tires. It was a long ride home, but we made it back safely. We got home later than expected, and were both slightly hungry, but lacking the energy to go out. I whipped up some pasta, DD put a bottle of our Traverse City wine in the fridge, and we feasted on that. It’s all very Susie Homemaker of me, but it’s moments like this that I can’t wait to live with him someday. I really enjoy cooking for him, having someone to try new recipes on, and having someone to split a bottle of wine with. I realize with his schedule I would still be cooking for myself most of the time, but a girl can always dream.
The night ended with us again collapsing into bed from exhaustion.
Monday came and so did Obama. We drove back downtown to see him and get my car that had been left there thanks to my drunken Friday. Thanks to the fabulousness that is Obama, we couldn’t get into Hart Plaza where he appeared, but were excited to find a good spot near the jumbotron it was being broadcasted on.
It's cliche, but it was electric.

It's cliche, but the crowd was electric.

Too bad we couldn’t hear him speak. Note to Obama campaign: when using a Jumbotron, also book the Jumboaudio. It was good to go down and be part of it all, but when I saw Al Gore in 2000, I just walked up to the stage and listened — this proved to be much more difficult. I miss the good old days of politics.
And that’s about all from here. Somewhere during the weekend, I also decided to play in yet another softball league. This time it will be with DD’s friends, who are actually good and may actually win a game or two, even with me on the team. But that means that this weekend I will be practicing my catching skills in preparation for our first game on Sunday. Because I have a serious fear of the softball hitting my face.
Happy unofficial end of summer to all of you. What a way to bid it adieu, eh?


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Feeling anti-social

I’m supposed to be headed to a girl’s weekend after work today. Problem is, two of my friends backed out this week, so it will be me, the host (who is a good friend), and 10 other girls I’ve met like once.

I’ve been trying to get excited about it all week, but I just can’t. Work has been crazy and I have a ton of other things I want to do at home and to be honest, the last thing I want to do tonight is drive 2 hours only to spend 24 hours with a bunch of people I barely know. Besides, next weekend DD and I are heading to Grand Haven to visit my friends, and that’s enough driving in my opinion.

So I’ve decided to back out. I really feel bad about it, because I did want to see my friend who’s hosting the thing. But with my other friends not going, the weekend would have been less about relaxing and letting loose with some of my closest friends, and more about semi-relaxing while having to be social with people I don’t know. Being social with my closest friends is one thing, being social with relative unknowns who all know each other is a whole different ball game.

I won’t lie, I’m kind of notorious about being anti-social. If I’m not guaranteed to see people I know at an event, I probably won’t go. I’m not what you’d call a networker. I don’t like to schmooze. I’m not a fan of making small talk with strangers. Meeting new people makes me nervous. Basically, I’m just your average introvert with brief flashes of extroversion — usually after I’ve had a couple glasses of wine.

Making this decision is kind of a huge weight off my back. Now I don’t have to make brownies, pack and finish all my work in the next 2 hours. Now I don’t have to get in the car and drive all the po-dunk roads — most assuredly getting lost at least twice — only to turn around and drive home tomorrow night.

Instead, I’ll be spending my weekend doing these things:

  • Sailing with my dad. He’s supposed to be racing our boat 22-foot dingy tomorrow morning and needed crew. It’s possible the race will get cancelled, in which case, we’ll have a fun couple hours on the water before heading to my parents’ for some free food.
  • Reading. I started The Magician’s Assistant by Anne Patchett, and I’m really looking forward to getting back into it.
  • Cleaning. My bathroom is pretty funk-tastic. My apartment needs a vaccumming. My refrigerator needs organizing. Mail needs sorting.
  • Lounging. Oh Netflix, how I’ve missed thee. I’ve been having to squeeze you in amongst other things, but now I can really sit down and spend some quality time with you.

Hope all of you have an equally relaxing weekend!


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